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  1. 0:37 even I sing better

  2. Oh god the goofy-ass door/window opening mechanics produce so much comedy… but… dolphins?

  3. I remember seeing this a few months ago; I thought it was one of the funniest videos I had ever seen. Opinion still stands.

  4. This is sooo funny. "Take it rationally. They cant go here if its locked, can they?"

  5. Dolphins ? OoooIioooOOOOOHHHHHH I get it now xD

  6. Jigoku no hi

    I am the sin
    I am the virus to counter the cure
    I am hell itself…
    Ok I’m a “friend” of the one who owns this channel so don’t question the cult sounding stuff

  7. Samurai_ Sam2

    the scream when she got tased LOL 😂 2:23

  8. ZunTsu The Loveomos

    Hey moe I made a video with your friend commy see it

  9. Corey Taylor

    what….what was she doing to that dolphin

  10. Moe: If I just stay still they'll go away
    1 hour later
    Moe: Why are they still here?

  11. | ू•ૅω•́)ᵎᵎᵎ

  12. Blu Stickman

    Who locks their bathroom door?!!!!

  13. A local nun breaks into your house and breaks your toilet

  14. Dawnmates And crew

    Moe in a nutshell
    Fuck you

  15. little kitten YT

    9:40 oh yeah, this is big brain time

  16. little kitten YT

    1:16 so ur gonna BREAK INTO SOMEONES HOUSE for $150?!?! BRUHHHHHH never rob the poor, rob the rich, thats like… The number 1 rule for theifs.

  17. little kitten YT

    0:34 nothing to see here, just causally walking out of YOUR house with YOUR television

  18. Uhhm DID I JUST HEAR A *D O L P H I N*???

  19. Yujin Kamikaze

    Is the garage… on the second floor of the house?

  20. stealing tv in middle of day, that is the most brightest idea

  21. In all of the vtubers that I know, she’s the only one who curses a damn lot..

  22. Sona The Sweet

    This was GODLY!

  23. Filthy Degenerate

    The irony is not lost on me that moe is dressed as a nun.

  24. I love moe's energy in this video

  25. Loved it! XD

  26. Ah man I love your voice

  27. "Dolphin?"

    Kujo Jotaro wants to know your location

  28. влад руденко

    Hi moe, moe thief хай моэ моа воришка бля как правильно моэ или моа

  29. 9:17 “haha I tend to fuck things up afterwards”

    *Proceeds to fuck things up afterwards*

  30. Tokino Soda 《Sodatomo Monarch》

    anime nun stealing…

  31. wow

  32. oo my god

  33. what the fuck

  34. kurumi tokisaki

    Hahaha I really like your videos
    And I come back watching your videos again because I couldn't watch you tube for 3 months and this is the first time I hear you say fuck and I really like it I always love my waifu

  35. kurumi tokisaki

    Yeah fuck

  36. Yvthan Rosémary

    I want Moe to crush me with her divine judgement

  37. mmm hamburga

    Dolphin? That shit made my day

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