New Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx weighs in on Chicago's violence, strategy for addressing crime

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Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx has her critics, but she easily cruised to reelection. Only days into her second term, Foxx sat down with WGN’s Tahman Bradley to answer questions about violence in Chicago and other issues facing her office.


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  1. Its not her damn job to be concerned about what happens to turn someone into a criminal. Her job is to prosecute on behalf of the state, and she isn't doing it.

  2. George $OROS got her re-elected
    He needs his his activist plant to stay where she is.

  3. This is the negative affects of Affirmative Action.
    Alvarez was a better DA

  4. No food or Libraries? WTF does that have to do with letting criminals go? Soros puppet determined to destroy this country.

  5. The people of Chicago, especially black residents, deserve better. She is just as guilty as if she killed these residents herself by doing nothing. Her blue city is ruined just like New York, Minneapolis, Portland, etc., where they all do nothing to criminals. What "work" she is doing right now? More community engagement? Does that mean more homicides? She is disgraceful.

  6. The problem is stop babying this murders that take innocent lives they deserve highest penilty

  7. This broad is pathetic and she needs to be bounced the hell out of office. Chicago once a great city it’s turning into Detroit

  8. Lack of access: The stores here have half of their inventory walk out the door. I guess we need Government stores.

  9. WGN hates law and order. Look at all the softball questions. If she wasn't black Chicago would be demanding Eff

  10. Letting the criminals set the law for the city….that’s going to work out…time to leave …..

  11. She lets all the criminals out of prison. She is the problem. She let a thug out of prison early & he killed my cousin. She was a scholar at UIC & was going to be a doctor

  12. Hello,,,
    Courts have asked the people to drop appeals/etc in the box outside court so they can stamp the date
    I in person have filed the appeal and they stamped it on Tues. and also I put a duplicate appeal in the box on Tues, same doc.. (I was nervous)
    The issue: the clerk stamped the duplicate on Wed. which is the overdue date. Judge denied the appeal for the Wed appeal and ignore the appeal that I personally filed on Tues. I have my copy.
    Courts are putting any date they want on docs from the box. What do u recommend to do? PLEASE!

  13. Kim won because there's no sufficient In that field to choose from but Kim Fox. The handling of the defamation and ability to undermine the legal system for selective individuals while selective destroys others is unacceptable.

  14. OKAY now what are you going to do about those DISGUSTING cops who raided that poor innocent woman house and handcuffed her NAKED. 🗣️Mrs. Young need JUSTICE!!!!! I hope Mrs. Young SUE and own the KEY 🗝️ to CHICAGO. 😤

  15. She's full of CRAP ,900 shot 1400 carjackings robberies burglaries and most important one gun charges. All these crimes being committed by repeated LOSERS and still get out.

  16. I'm from Chicago Kim fox is a huge reason this city is so violent she runs a revolving door prison system

  17. Does anyone remember when she favored juicy smoilet when he pulled that publicity stunt?

  18. Left Chicago a while ago. Im not a Wolf, I will not survive there, Chicago is a land of Wolves now.

  19. They have no strategy. It's just how it is. The PD reacts after a crime is committed. They cannot predict the future.