New Cooking Big Geese & Eels Recipe For Donation Food – Sharing Yummy TOM YUM Food with Kitchen Foods

Cooking Big Geese & Eels Recipe For Donation Food – Sharing Yummy TOM YUM Food with Kitchen Foods

Hello all friends! Today I bought 5 geese from my villager and make a tom yum soup with eels for eating with my family and make a donation food with my villagers.

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  1. Aala Tasty Kitchen

    Looks so delicious yummmy recipe thanks for sharing stay connected stay blessed 💐 friend

  2. Maria Lírio

    Parece um milagre alimenta muita gente Deus é maravilhoso

  3. Maria Lírio

    É muito lindo ver tanto amor pelo próximo Deus abençoe vocês sempre 🙏

  4. Panchu Biswas

    Very beautiful.

  5. Hazara Kitchen


  6. Jumayah Jumayah

    Inget kampung saya di pandeglang

  7. Prof[a] Ester Fabricio

    Eles comem de tudo. Eu já em outro video comendo ratos fritos. Esse povo não passa fome.

  8. Dasdores Silva

    Guê felicidades 😘

  9. Chengkeat Tan

    Inordinately recipes Are incomplete.

  10. Chengkeat Tan

    Very great. Again.

  11. Tarad Mobile


  12. Tarad Mobile


  13. The best of all you guys are sharing with your neighbors and poor people. Love 💘you guys so much.

  14. Lourdes Natividad


  15. Sweet Johnson

    You are always cutting meat can't you clean as other's do?

  16. Buldog Sumagaysay

    Hillo watching from pilipins

  17. Good luck👍👍👍👍👍😛😛😛😋😋😋😋🤪🤪🤪🤪🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖

  18. Hello my name is LORIE and I am watching from the United States. I love to cook and love to learn other cultures about cooking. Where are you from? I love to watch your videos and I Love the fact that you feed your village, that is awesome. Can you leave your ingredients posted up a little longer for me to read please. I love learning about your food preparations. God bless you and keep everyone safe. Amen. Bye bye

  19. Sok Chhoeurn Hang

    Yummy yummy … Tom Yam … enjoy … with love and blessing.

  20. I like the way some the people say thank by folding their hands before they took the plate of food.

  21. Kolap Yellow

    May Gods blesssssss u all.

  22. Kolap Yellow

    Good to see u guys r back and the flood is gone.

  23. Hello my friends❤️❤️❤️😘 wow yummy yummy foods.

  24. Rebeca Ventura

    Que dios los bendiga y vendiciones

  25. He lô . Bạn có thể đọc tin tôi nhắn không. Đến hôm nay tôi mới được xem kênh của bạn. Tôi rất thích . Chân chất và nhân văn . Tôi yêu các bạn .

  26. Terry Fowler

    I am in from Nassau Bahamas great recipe love your cooking every time I watch your video.

  27. @21:17 Hey you two Chicks learn how to get along. You going to have a very short life!

  28. Fishing Girl

    What a delicious meal, my friend.

  29. Fishing Girl

    I’m really envious of cooking with fresh ingredients the food was decelerated beautiful so I watched a video that made my eyes and mouth happy.

  30. Fishing Girl


  31. Fishing Girl

    My mouth was drooling by the end of this video.

  32. Samnang Chhum


  33. My Ditolicious

    a long small mushroom has bacteria

  34. ទឹកស្រកខ្លះនៅបង?

  35. Hemmm yummy" enak" pantastic👍👍👍

  36. its been quite while didnt see Srey Ti..hi girl..

  37. watching this i just wanna try it some..must be way this 👍 good.

  38. 🤗😋😋😋😋😋😄

  39. Hodanitro69 Rivera

    God bless you all for you good work

  40. bophea khoem


  41. Valdir Pereira


  42. Valdir Pereira


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