New Cortney Bell defense attorney closing statement: 'She didn't cause that child's death'

Cortney Bell’s attorney Bryan Frost made his closing statement Tuesday in a murder trial against Bell and Christopher McNabb in the 2017 death of their 2-week-old daughter Caliyah.


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  1. Victoria Jones

    It’s simply amazing that the children were not born severely addicted to drugs and/or had severe birth defects with the constant drug use! That should be a DIFFERENT CHARGE!

  2. Kaylee Gridley

    God, he's pretty good.

  3. mary ann morris

    She neglected her kids by doing meth in the house with them. She was so drugged up she didn’t know what was up or down. Both sets of parents had to pay for everything for the kids. The parents wasn’t theirs on drugs. They only had the baby 4 days out of 15. Parents should be sleeping in the same room with the new born.

  4. Erikka's Epiphany

    Holy crap, how many bad analogies does he need to use? Haha

  5. Anyway imo this world will be a better place when we finally just require a college degree in early childhood and a special license to become a breeder.

  6. The lawyer said that the baby was beaten so severely that her teeth came through her tongue and lips(?) …wait a minute how does a two week old baby have any teeth? Both my kids barely cut their first teeth at two months old.

  7. This is the defense? Closing statement? Lol. Damn

  8. Samuel Mojarro

    I could be a better attorney than this guy. 😂.

  9. Why does her lawyer look and act like a used car salesmen?

  10. Jamie's Life

    This guys a loser

  11. Bradina Gary

    She wasn’t even crying or anything she was just chilling in her chair as Chris is bawling like what the fuck that bitch framed Chris…

  12. I feel like the “dad” was trying to sleep and Courtney was out from her binge and didn’t hear anything and in his tired rage he started hitting his own child to be quiet then when he realized wtf he did he ran the baby to “his stash spot”

    Idk.. my take on it!

  13. Ok this guy wAs so not prepared and clearly was totalling in a whim this girl should not have gotten any time her sentence was /is ridiculous
    She clearly didn’t do anything and is being persecuted for her lifestyle I pray she is healthy and doing well
    I think I may write to her 🤔

  14. The prosecution look bored and hungover

  15. Chanel Hammond

    "She didn't cause that baby's death."
    Well she didn't prevent it. Smh

  16. kristin Molina


  17. Jane’s Blonde-007

    WHERE THE F WAS CPS NOW????? The shit they do ripping children from parents who are good and loving but do NOT SHIT IN THIS CASE WTF

  18. He looks like he wants her to get hard prison time he doesn’t even look like he’s fighting for her

  19. Katja Zucker

    That wasn’t a home, it was a landfill, a dump, a garbage can. How can your children grow up like that? Let alone being adults and not taking care. Yeah, it was the drugs but everybody has a choice, right?

  20. Curtney…claim insufficient representation

  21. This baby was beat to death with a boot, that's what I'm hearing?
    On meth, didn't want to stop what you were doing and the baby wouldn't stop crying. One of those?
    Tattoo face guy do this?
    I don't know how I started following this, skipped lots of it, I think.
    Is this over? Is this happening currently?
    When did this happen? I don't see anyone wearing masks. This must be old news.

  22. I’m lost af

  23. Whisper Gray

    "What would possess someone do do what was done to that baby ?"… Meth delusional anger outbursts.. I've seen it first hand..

  24. Wicked Witch

    Who the hell keeps sniffing constantly? Also I see a smirk on her face the whole time

  25. Dirty South Bushcraft and MMA

    Chick in the glasses was just waiting for a Def Leppard or Motley Crue music video to bust out

  26. This Atty losing the case.

  27. She’s guilty she’s guilty of keeping those kids in an unsafe home she she she knew she needed to get out of there and she was didn’t want to leave because of the drugs

  28. Both of these baby murderers have an attitude. That girl should never have contact with any child ever.

  29. Johnny Morris

    "Chris had no motive. What would possess someone to do that to their own child?" My answer is the right brain organization and genetic predisposition plus drugs like meth and no sleep and voila – you get an evil face-tattooed animal pretending to be a human.

  30. It's hard to make sense the argument he is making he needs to work on his speech delivery

  31. What was the sentencing I can’t even watch anymore of this crap!!!!! How could you defend these animals!!!!???? Money money money where’s your ethics and morals

  32. These lawyers get me !!! They to serve EVIL for money!!!! How could you with good consciousness defend these animals!!!! It’s sad watching these lawyers defend a baby killer and any other lawyer who stands against right!!!! Sad sad world!!!! She was a horrible mother and she may not have killed that baby literally but she is JUST AS RESPONSIBLE AS the person who did!!!! Nothing I mean NOTHING like this should have happened but when drugs are in the mist of things and your priorities aren’t straight she was neglectful, and her drugs and self came before her child!! STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THESE ANIMALS!!!!! The thinking of humans give me pause !!!! A dog would have protected their young better than this!!!!!

  33. Steve Mcintosh

    Meth is the reason. Duhhhh

  34. Kristen Burton

    How dare him compare this innocent babies life and the POS parents to 911!! Nowhere near the same, have nothing to do with one another and are not similar in NO WAY, SHAPE, FORM OR FASHION!!

  35. Kristen Burton

    I almost fell asleep on the porcelain throne 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ hes so boring and babbling bullshit

  36. Kristen Burton

    Theibdkdhd 👈🏼 that don’t make sense 🗣JUST LIKE THE DEFENDER GUY! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️ my gahh😐did they find that man in a dumpster and say “GET DRESSED YOUR A DEFENDER TODAY” 🙄😒

  37. Kristin doleshal

    I am in no way shape or form defending this so called "mother" but I do have to disagree with alot of the comments regarding her attorney. I thought he did a really good job laying out reasonable doubt to the jury….and picking apart the states case against her. that D.A. lady right behind him was yawning through McNabbs attorneys closing statement, seems like she really started paying more attention and writing notes during Mr. Frost closing statement. Either way, im glad at the final result but thought he did a good job for her….a lot more than she deserved!

  38. It really says everything when an attorney spends more time throwing passive aggressive comments towards other attorneys and little to say when it comes to the client they represent. Shameful

  39. Adam Paccione

    Worst attorney ever

  40. This lawyer is on something and his close is shameful he has no clue just spewing some crap 💩

  41. Coutney carried her baby for 9 months. Were there any drugs in Caliyah's system at birth? She was discharged home to her mother. It's a terrible, terrible travesty to lose a child. Cortney was a victim of domestic violence ..we saw the proof on her face. Poor woman didn't have a chance to enjoy the new baby. She's not a criminal and now scarred for life for the lost of the new baby. I hope she's receiving psychological treatment to help her cope. My prayers goes out to Cortney and her family it's gonna take a lot of healing to get through this. This is a message for all women who are in violent relationships LEAVE if not for yourself at least for your children . God Bless baby Caliyah she's with her real father now in Christ's nursery in Heaven.

  42. Watching that prosecutor is entertaining. She needs a nap.

  43. The jury must have been on crack to have found these two guilty with NOT ONE PIECE OF EVIDENCE. Ridiculous!

  44. Bonita Drake

    Well she looked pissed when she sat down like oh God I'm going to jail too. She's a SCUMBAG.

  45. An9elbabii916

    I don't think Chris McNabb did it I think it was a guy that he beat up the days before because the dude was embarrassed about getting his ass kicked and thrown out of the trailer by Chris McNabb just cuz he has tattoos and he has a criminal history doesn't mean he should be labeled for killing his daughter or have you guys looked into did you hear what the baby's mom said the baby's mom said her 2-year-old would be seeing picking up the baby but I believe it was the guy that Chris McNabb beat up and embarrassed him for him to get back at him he killed the baby and made it look like it was Chris and his baby's mom I looked at listen to all the evidence and if he killed his baby he wouldn't be crying I don't believe he had anything to do with her death I believe it was payback because if the dogs looked all in that area and she wasn't there till the following day a lady found her the book bag with the baby in it and two wears the object that killed her that she got hit in the head with nobody hasn't found the object I think him and her both innocent I just know that they were meth heads and everybody can say what they want but meth sometimes makes men crazy and women but not commit murder especially with your own kid when you already have a two year old I believe he loved both of them he was just on meth and couldn't show it Meth is a disease Courtney might have been on meth and wanted to use meth all the time yeah she was not a responsible parent but I don't believe neither of them could kill their 14-day old baby there's not enough evidence to prove that Chris McNabb had something to do with it I think he was set up by the guy that he beat up.

  46. Jennifer Golden

    Does anyone know if either one of them took a lie detector test?

  47. teresa hickey

    Poor little baby 🍼

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