New COVID-19: US to donate 500 million doses of Pfizer's vaccine to lower-income countries

The United States is to donate half a billion doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to nearly 100 lower-income countries. The White House said this will supercharge the fight against the pandemic.

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  1. Keep in mind the taxpayer pays the bill for this, which makes criminal Pfizer all the richer.

  2. Donate vaccine to the world
    Just for the new world order country only

  3. Norhamia Abdukjazel

    donating vaccines to help humanity… but donating bomb to kill palestinians….😂

  4. Justin Isaacs

    Trump would of never donate he would of sell because of greed

  5. 45641560456405640563

    Excellent news.

  6. Data protection

    Isn't the G7 a meet-up of self-appointed good guys to talk about democracy and doing good stuff?

    But what's the point,
    if the one of the world's richest and biggest nations isn't involved?

  7. Data protection

    While Western countries were stockpiling vaccines for themselves,
    China has supplied over 350 million vaccines to over 80 countries, which includes:
    the UAE, Dubai, Bahrain, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia and most countries in Asia, Latin America and in Africa.

    Now, the UAE, Hungary, Serbia, Egypt and other countries are producing Chinese vaccines.

    Many countries has increased their orders for the Chinese vaccines and so far, not many of them have reported any possible side effects.

    What country had stockpiled over 120 million of vaccines that are going to expire soon?

    Isn’t this vaccine nationalism damaging the West, betraying their claims to global leadership and concern for global health?

  8. Talk only.

  9. Salute USA all the way for this magnanimous and humanitarian gesture

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