New Criminal defense attorney on what to expect from Ahmaud Arbery death trial

Criminal defense attorney Darryl Cohen joined 11 Alive Morning News to discuss what we may expect moving forward within the trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death.

Arbery was shot and killed on Feb. 23, 2020. Cellphone video leaked to the public shows two armed white men in a truck approaching the 25-year-old Black man as he runs down the road. One of the men, later identified as Travis McMichael, and Arbery struggle over McMichael’s shotgun before Arbery is shot and collapses.

Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and William “Roddy” Bryan, who recorded the video, are all charged with murder in Arbery’s death.

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  1. The reporter is sexy

  2. I'm Not Scotty

    Had it been the other way around like the Knoxville Five, it would have never made the National News. Check that out if you have the stomach for it.

  3. I was worried about the 11 white jurors. There's always one dominant one that tries to over take the rest.

  4. Villa Antulanga

    The responsible citizens who murdered Aubrey closely resemble the whities who sought to kill proBLM Kyle.

  5. Willie Beamen 2x

    This isn't the Rittenhouse case , this father son duo is GUILTY

  6. If this jury finds these demonic individuals not guilty then we must immediately initiate legislation to eliminate predominantly non melanated juries because time and time again they have demonstrated an unwillingness to deliver justice in cases where the victim is Black and the defendant is non melanated. This country is so deeply seated in the practice of white supremacy that nothing surprises me at this point😗😗

  7. The outcome is so certain that Bubba has already purchased a brand new bottle of vegetable oil at the prison canteen.

  8. Patricia McKeon

    Anything less that Guilty on All Counts will throw this country for another loop… 🙊🙊

  9. Guilty! All three deserve the gallows.

  10. Brine Croker

    What to expect????? Guilty!! We'll probably get the verdict today being Thursday is Thanksgiving!! Open Shut Case!!!!!!!!!

  11. If some of you saying don’t fight a man with a shot if you really looked at the video you would have seen soon as the young man came around the truck that fat hog shot him then the young man tried to safe his life by trying to take his gun and if fat hog and his dad had mind there own business they wouldn’t be sitting in court lying about self defense .

  12. Hardcore Bunny

    Hopefully the jury is smarter than the media.

  13. Shibatothemoon

    Crazy how liking a person or not determines the guilt or innocence in a murder case Americans and this country will pay for thine iniquities

  14. Don't forget rig the jury with all white jurors! So at least you can get a hung jury. So don't be surprised 🙀 Problem he never testified not did he described at the scene immediately after that he was attempting to make a citizen arrest. It's all lies. Good try but oh no

  15. Brandon Gadles

    Common sense

    Rittenhouse 10000000% not guilty

    McMichael 10000000% guilty

    It's pretty obvious if anyone watched the case and has a brain and not brainwashed by networks they listen to

  16. Rebekah Cessna

    According to the man that owned the house, Mr English, nothing was stolen and he believed Arbery went there looking for water. There were spigots out back and others had used them in neighborhood. That would make sense if he was jogging several miles and was in the house each time. Heck I’ve gone in houses being constructed before just out of curiosity on what the layout will be. The camera also had footage of a white couple going in and kids too. Mr English was an hour away when his cameras notified him someone was in the house and he didn’t even bother to look until half an hour later and by that time Arbery was dead so he never authorized the McMichaels to look after it. Mr English was disgusted by the defense lawyers trying to say things stolen from his boat were taken by the victim. He said that was impossible as the theft occurred while the boat was in transit to his location an hour away. I don’t believe Arbery was a thief and do we really want residents of a neighborhood be able to detain, arrest or shoot people because they are running in their neighborhood? I was a jogger and I didn’t stick to one neighborhood.

  17. The prosecution is missing one thing, putting the jury in the shoes of Mr. Arbery. It is a sad state of affairs, but is true, white people don't have empathy for black people. It has been proven that this is true and we see it in real life. Such as when a white person goes missing vs. a black person. You can't talk about empathy you have to have the jury feel it. This is what Jerry Spence is so good at. This should be a slam dunk case but "just the facts" may not cut it. She should be spending at least as much time trying to humanize Mr. Arbery as the facts and the law. Better yet erasing him and putting them in his shoes, for at a sub-conscious level, white people don't look at black people as human.

  18. rodnie struiken

    Wy not call it the mcmichael murder. They are the ones who committed the crime. And know the media is acting as do they are the one who are innocent.

  19. Jerry Strange


  20. It's a murder trial not a death trial. WTF is wrong with your editor?

  21. Sergio Villegas

    Funny how they only allowed one person of color in the jury but when roles are reversed they are quick to throw a colored person under the bus

  22. Israel Rodriguez

    BS BS BS

  23. Girl he got covid back up

  24. Dewayne Tucker

    Basically exposing whyte privilege if you listen to what he saying

  25. One Big Question Were the 3 defendants fully authorized to make a citizens arrest under the Georgia law, or were they not? Because if they were not, then all 3 are guilty of the charges. Simple as that. No matter what wonderful things the defense had said in their closing remarks about their clients, if they weren't justified in making a lawful citizens arrest, then all three are guilty as charged. Thats the bottom line. And since the citizens arrest law states that the defendants had to see the crime committed in their presence or have immediate knowledge of the crime in order to detain and arrest Arbery, then all three defendants are guilty. They had no knowledge Arbery had committed any crime on that day. Seeing a black man hauling ass down the road isn't a crime. But they wrongfully assumed he committed a crime that day simply because he was running. Flawed thinking by the defendants led to Arbery's demise. Second Big Question Was Travis M. acting in self defense when he shot Arbery, or not? Well, if he was not fully authorized to make a citizens arrest, then all his attempts to hold and detain Arbery made him the aggressor, causing Arbery to fear for his life. As the law states, Travis can't then claim self defense since he was the aggressor. Arbery, on the other hand, had the right to defend himself.  
    The verdict will depend on how the jury will view these two questions. If they follow what the law states, guilty verdicts will be handed down.

  26. StreetMoneyPuzzles32

    Deep messages how Lawyers can paint pictures for the Judge & Jury

  27. Not guilty does not mean they are innocent of the crime!

  28. The only thing that bothers me is Arbery tried to take the weapon. What was he going to do with the weapon?

    I don’t know enough about the case, I devoted all my time to the Rittenhouse trial, which I’m thankful they got it right.

  29. With eleven jurors who look like the killers, and one who looks like the deceased anything is possible in Amerikkka.

  30. Three whites, pickup truck, guns, pursuers……you don't have to hear more!
    What about that, would make a black man think it was only question and answer chat time!

  31. Jason Aldrich

    This guy is a goon…🤡

  32. If you take politics and race out of the case, and look at the facts, it comes down to was Aubrey justified in charging the gunman because he feared for his life, or was the gunman justified in shooting Aubrey when he charged him and it's self defense? Everything surrounding this in regards to intent is speculation. Possibly, both men were justified in their actions. Aubrey though he was going to be attacked and the gunman thought if he didn't shoot Aubrey when he charged that he was going to be killed with his own gun. If that is the case, then the gunman is still going to be in trouble because he's the one who decided to bring a gun along. Without the gun, no one dies.

  33. Joycelyn Walker

    This young man Travis had coast guard military training. He used none of his training here. He saw a young black man running through a neighborhood they lived. And all the others who say they were not racist. And decided he looks suspicious. All three must face the consequences.

  34. ᏫƓ ᛟ ҢᏫᏫᎠ

    Wonder when all the “super patriots” that LOVE Rittenhouse will start defending these other “self defense- super patriotic” men! 🤔🤮

  35. Never Give up

    No Lord it's Me! Not trusting in you Completely, it's me Not others? If I say anything if it's not giving you praise in all things for who you are? It's me that doesn't trust you and your power! As long as I confess my trust is in you Lord then I have no shame but Life? Who cares if you or anyone else is a racist? Trust God? How many times do you see thing happen to God's children, but you have to really, really trust him? What can a white man do or any man do that will surprise US? WHAT!

  36. David Charles

    Those 3 murderers were judge jury and executioner

  37. Will Cleaver

    We will hear: Guilty, Guilty, Guilty. If anything else, justice was not served. These are three pathetic white supremacists (and I never use the term) who are all responsible for an innocent young man's life. It will be an easy conviction.

  38. wade russell

    Idk why Travis took the stand he tried to look professional but his lack of immediate knowledge and not analyzing the situation along with his coast guard training actually made him look worse also the Facebook messages were terrible it showed lack of compassion and trying to make an example out of someone

  39. Larry Bailey

    The defence attorney and all of these 3 guys are dumb as ass.

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