New Criminal Defense Attorney reacts to Rittenhouse and Arbery verdicts | 'Eric Bolling The Balance'

Criminal Defense Attorney Andrew Cherkasky reacts to the Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery trial verdicts – Via Newsmax’s ‘Eric Bolling The Balance.’

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  1. Mark Chatten

    Let joggers be joggers. #joggerfriday

  2. stratfordbaby

    This guy was wrong. William Bryan was NOT convicted of murder.

  3. Hamfast Gamgee

    We should trust in the jury system — as long as juries and judges are not subject to intimidation and political pressure. The Left CLEARLY tries to tip the scales of justice in both of these ways, so we should be aggressively prosecuting all those that even attempt to do this.

  4. Media has zero business giving any opinions on events. News only!

  5. Good point about when will Alex case charges be filed.

  6. hockey fan 2020

    Both verdicts were correct in my opinion.

  7. Alec Baldwin that's the definition of white privilege

  8. This host seems dim witted even by newsmax standards.

  9. Ewww all the fascist insurrectionist members of congress are fighting each other to get rittenhouse as an intern. Literally because he killed people he's a hero to these twisted psychos.

  10. Mário Botelho

    Free these guys

  11. bergstrom oliver

    Kyle Rittenhouse Force.

  12. cameron moore

    Just joggin

  13. Korey Hayden

    🤔🤔🤔….kinda seemed very Anti Kyle Rittenhouse….I honestly didn't see that from Newsmax

    Edit: grammar

  14. Lorraine Chapman

    It's not just the media that presumes someone is guilty without proof it's sheriff's and jailers too.As soon as handcuffs are put on you ,you're guilty whether you did anything or not. Once you're in their system they treat you like trash, like dogs, you're not even human.

  15. Merlin Wizard


  16. John Tellado

    We have a mainstream media?

  17. Nunya Business

    Don't jump to conclusions, follow the evidence, create a time line and come to a decision.

  18. Gofigure 2021

    The jury in Rittenhouse case were local folks who actually saw and experienced the rioting, looting destructions of their community.

  19. John Jameson

    Rittenhouse with the evidence produced should have NEVER BEEN PUT ON TRIAL. THIS IS AMERICA LIKE IT OR NOT.

  20. The media is being shown for the narrative they all repeat this is not journalism it's paid for talking heads

  21. Kyle you were protected!!!!
    Thank Q

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