New Criminal defense attorney weighs in on charges, sentencing after 3 guilty of murder in Arbery trial

A verdict has been reached in trial of the killing of Ahmaud Arbery.
Travis McMichael found guilty on all charges, Greg McMichael and Roddie Bryan found guilty of felony murder.
Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed on Feb. 23, 2020. Cellphone video leaked to the public showed two armed white men in a truck approaching the 25-year-old Black man as he runs down the road. One of the men, later identified as Travis McMichael, and Arbery struggle over McMichael’s shotgun before Arbery is shot and collapses.

Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and William “Roddy” Bryan, who recorded the video, were all on trial together for murder and other charges.

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  1. I dream a world where no protests or social pressure is needed to arrest and prosecute people for murder.

  2. Gee how did they arrive at that conclusion? We were told ALL whites are racist.

  3. In Georgia, if you have a package delivered to your front door, and as you open the front door to retrieve it, you see someone with the package in their hand running away. You're bigger and faster, so you run them down, tackle the person with force (perhaps they hit their head pretty hard and hurt themselves), and hold them under citizens arrest while you call the police. Is this legal? Or would you get prosecuted? Would the theft be a felony or misdemeanor?

  4. Bob Dollar 937

    Democrats have a history of using Black People (BP) as Human Shields in their dealings with the republicans and republicans like the Defense Attorney in Ahmaud Arbery's Trial have a history of using BP as the Scary Boogeyman in their dealings with White People, however the Scary Boogeyman Tactic did not work on the Predominately White Jury in the Ahmaud Arbery Trial.

  5. Johnny Faniel

    Nigga threw that phone down and pulled that coat like a champ to get ready for the big moment on da tv!

  6. Tony From Syracuse

    can you imagine being a free man for most of your life, watching TV shows, taking trips going to nice restaurants come and go wherever as you please and then in the span of 15 minutes of anger you realize as you are led out of the courtroom you are going to ….at least… serve 30 years in a prison thats you thrown in with the type of people you hate? oh God!

  7. Melba Martinez

    The murder was committed because of a hate crime the law should be written as SHALL be charged with federal crimes when these crimes are exposed. No pleas should be allowed in these cases, it's a punch in the soul of the victims ,their families and the nation as a whole.

  8. They cut through all the Bullshit the defense spewed. They should all do life without parole for murdering Ahmaud. PERIOD!!!!

  9. I wonder if these murderers voted for candidates who favor the death penalty

  10. Am I correct in thinking that the father is a retired police officer?. If so Georgia has one less racist cop to worry about

  11. All About Me

    They all need to be in jail together forever. Each one of them are dangerous to society

  12. games video games

    I think the hate charges come in because he called Ahmad the n word after he was laying there bleeding out.

  13. Not with all those charges, 9,8,6, 35 years at least.

  14. new beginnings. there is about to me some new ships as in relationships which means there will be relations. Travis will be getting a new man in his life. Greg can help Travis pick his new man at the same time he is finding him one. Roddie is about to get a new man also. Greg's wife is about to get a new man. Roddie's wife is about to get a new man, too. Love is in the air. Like John Witherspoon would have said if he was still living "Bang Bang Bang". To these convicted felons lets keep it sloppy.

  15. This guy was expecting to only show his upper body

  16. chris weidemann

    Haha the guest was on his phone

  17. There is Hate, and then there is stupid. These 3 had both.

  18. I actually almost feel bad for these guys… almost.

  19. I am wondering if the Three Stooges are having hindsight. Jeez maybe we just should have stayed home. I will guarantee that is how Alfafa feels. He didn't even know what was going on and yet he joined in the chase. They acted like they were hunting a wild animal. Good judgement.

  20. Steven Brennon

    no disrespect but what he said about he did not see an appeal happening i know he had knowledge as an attorney but i kindly believe it depends on how good the attorneys are with the appeals court Happy Thanksgiving to youall and take care.

  21. Who cares about the father and son, they were guilty but Roddie Bryan, murder? I don't see how that is justice? Maybe I missed something, was his camera loaded with 9mm? He shouldn't have been involved but murder? It set's a precident I am not comfortable with in this country, over prosecuting parties of people, and context does matter but really?

  22. Murray Flewelling

    So I think their expert is wrong, everywhere I look it says """" Even if the possibility of parole is granted, a person convicted of murder must serve 30 years before becoming eligible…….That's why they pay guests the big bucks, to just pull facts from the old backside…lol

  23. Kitur Selassie

    Appke doesn't fall far from the tree..becomes a very true statement

  24. I'm sure those three backwoods inbred's are going to make great wives for some nice black gentlemen once their future living arrangements are completed, I love happy endings…

  25. They never had a chance. White accused. Black victim.
    The antithesis of to kill a mockingbird

  26. The camera man got screwed by his attorney. The father and son definitely got what they deserved.

  27. Joseph Wallace

    Wrong is wrong. Even if you win. Evil is evil. Even if you live.👹😇

  28. reverse on appeal

  29. James Patrick

    Yellow tie guy is a clown. You can make a citizens arrest. Doesn't have to be a felony and you don't have to be a witness. Everything these two said is incorrect.
    Arbery a known criminal illegally entered a home being chased crossed the road to grab the gun from McMichael tried to pull it away from him and the gun accidentally went off it's not homicide but the jury said otherwise. Roddy definitely shouldn't even have been charged.

  30. When they went after the homeless man they were already over the line, a gun does not make you the law

  31. Grainne Sehring

    Georgia once again proves her mettle. This judge showed no favoritism and kept his courtroom civil. A stark difference from the Rittenhouse courtroom. Kudos to the jury for their verdict. Sadly, it will not bring Mr. Arbery back. My heart is with his mother, family, and friends❤💖❤

  32. James Patrick

    Arbery a known criminal illegally entered a home being chased crossed the road to grab the gun from McMichael tried to pull it away from him and the gun accidentally went off it's not homicide but the jury said otherwise. Roddy definitely shouldn't even have been charged.

  33. This layer nos he's shit

  34. Dianna Emerson Today

    I do not take great pleasure with the outcome because they are white but weep for the souls of those men who played jury and judge. I take relief and weep for I know my son has a chance to survive to be old without his life cut because of white people not considering the consequences that their privilege is not a given by God but what has been placed in their minds throughout centuries of discrimination, hate, injustice, and systemic racism, that supremacy is white. Wearetheworld, why can’t we live together, we are family. Take the time to look those terms up and think about what’s going on. Dianna Emerson

  35. Deborah Giuffre

    The defense lawyer’s outfit looks ridiculous. Epic fail in attempting the GQ look

  36. Alyson onOahu

    Stop RACISM

  37. Marie Hackett

    Greg Mcmichaels is about 60+ after the Fed's tack their time on they're done. Rowdy is on Police Body Cam gleefully said "I run him off the road in the ditch back younder".

  38. Hate crimes should not exist.

  39. s. mcchristy

    The video plainly shows Arbery committed assault and battery on Travis Mc. before the first shot was fired. Citizens Arrest has nothing to do with it.

  40. Dawn Campbell

    Big lesson here do not raise your children to be racist. Travis’s racial ideologies came from Greg his father, now Travis is going to spend the rest of his life in prison. Way to go pop you taught your son well.

  41. Politics will not save you ⚠️


  42. How much time can you get🤨 what? So we haven't seen sentences of 212 years 175 years,proceed with hate crime charges to!!!

  43. Ayanna Jordan

    That jury and gudge need to get kyle littenhouse…he was acquitted NOT FAIR

  44. Get off the phone.

  45. I'm wondering what were the differences
    between each of the 4 separate counts
    of felony murder? Thx

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