New Criminal Lawyer Reacts to Foolio – When I See You Remix

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Criminal Lawyer Bruce Rivers Reacts to When I See You Remix by Foolio


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Producer: Michael Rivers
Instagram: @Michaelhrivers

Instagram: @CLRBruceRivers…
Twitter: @BruceRiversCLR

Intro Song by Jaylap from CRAM
CRAM Soundcloud:
Instagram: @jaylapp

Merch is available now at:

You can find Bruce Rivers on Facebook here:

Business Inquiries: [email protected]
Rivers Law Firm, P.A.,


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  1. Dude think everything self snitching 😂 like bro he ain’t said shii besides smoking on them and stuff

  2. Honestly they should really just let them fight it out and we where it goes it’s sad but how far will they go

  3. This guy is chill and speaking facts. But why was I trying to find his chin the whole vid 😭💀

  4. The worst part about this song is how fire it is smh I feel so bad listening

  5. Since they be BEGGING for death and/or jail ima just leave my comment here so when the inevitable happens I can change my comment to say I told u mofos so😭🤣😂 or are well all in agreeance?

  6. He didn't really have anything to do with the crime. He's just claiming it to get clout.

  7. This cat Foolio really is obsessed with Ace. Like I know they got beef but Ace and his boys did a video at a golf course chillin and this dude's at his opps grave paying em respect

  8. “I’ve never killed anybody, but like I said I’m a non-smoker”
    👀tf that meant my brother

  9. Bruce the most professional undercover gang offiliated person I know he knows all the beef in the rap gang and in the streets🤣

  10. That’s so true is disrespectful respect the dead what’s wrong with people now a days

  11. 1:34 "I've never killed anybody, as I said before I'ma non-smoker"


  12. See we can all get along, I never see hate in his comment section regarding set beef.