New Criminal Lawyer Reacts to King Von – Why He Told

Criminal Lawyer Bruce Rivers Reacts to Why He Told by King Von


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  1. I’m on 144hz

    React to king von down me ft lil durk please I beg

  2. KHR Silvercharms

    That’s why people get killed 😂

  3. KHR Silvercharms

    If he goes in a lies we’ll then he’s fucked no chill on that one 😂😂💯

  4. Monty Harris

    That snitch ended up getting 44 years and Von's case got dropped….

  5. More poles 😎

  6. Monty Harris

    This is how Von got out of his murder charge

  7. @3:36 🤣🤣☠☠☠

  8. Von's realest song is "dont wanna be me" u should react to it

  9. Jeremy Jackson

    This guys strapped

  10. This is not Me eso

    Do blue face new song called better days

  11. 3rd day, young pappy

  12. king von what it's like

  13. Yoooo finally

  14. Renardo Hanna

    Do king von “Wayne’s story “ or “3am”

  15. Lmao imagine you see Bruce in irl and he just listening to von

  16. Nickholas Vasquez

    “Wayne’s story” by king von foooahhhh


    Great concept Sir, Big fan from Nigeria. ❤ Please do react to "I don't smoke Kendre" by Spinabenz

  18. Riley Shelott

    You all heard it Bruce don't fw snitches 💯

  19. dcmelen Melendez

    "Drill lessons" by 30 deep grimeyy full of that self snitchin

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