New Crypto Bear Market Analysis (And My 5 Plans For 2019)

In today’s episode, I’m talking about my thoughts on this crypto bear market, the future of crypto, and 5 plans I have for 2019…

Like I said in my last market update video in August, I wasn’t convinced that this bear market was over and I expected things to get a lot uglier before they got better.

As we’ve seen over the past few months, that’s turned out to be true. Some crypto projects are starting to fail, and many more are strapped for capital due to Bitcoin and Ethereum prices falling 0ver 80% off the bubble’s highs.

Last year I became very uncomfortable when Bitcoin’s price went from $8k to $20k in a few weeks because I knew that was driven purely by speculation (e.g. the greater fool theory).

While it was “exciting” to see prices go up so fast (and everyone feeling like a genius), those of us that had been through prior market cycles knew how risky markets become when over-exuberant bullishness takes hold.

As most people understand today, cryptocurrencies are still the most volatile asset class on the planet! This means if someone is going to play in this space, they need to be comfortable with 90%+ drawdowns and have excellent emotional control so they stay on the right side of the market.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– The 3 possible outcomes I see for Bitcoin over the next couple of years
– Why I’m excited for the future of crypto, especially Security Tokens
– How I’m stepping into a bigger role with a venture capital firm in 2019
– Why I’ve pulled back from actively trading altcoins during this market cycle
– The focus of my YouTube channel going forward

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– 5 phases of crypto market cycles:
– how to prepare for a crypto bear market:
– Harbor creates $20M STO


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  1. calls a black swan event for mid 2020 starting in china? crystal ball much?

  2. Antonio Bojalil

    @ 9:00 literally describes our current situation. It’s mid 2020, in a black swan event.

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  4. Patrick Lynch

    Each bitcoin bull market run has started about 1 year before each halving event.

  5. Chris, you are quite an intellect!

  6. The problem with bitcoin is you can’t valuate like you can a company. It’s based on a 100% psychological factors. You can’t say it’s cheap or expensive because it has no real value.

  7. Lee VanCleef

    Just watched this…was awesome

  8. I know you don't really do reviews, but you could post on Uptrennd.. You'd dominate the heck out of your community and probably get a ton of paid upvotes

  9. Bryan Shoemaker

    Bla. I just want to do some shopping.

  10. Kubuxas Q'uba

    Man you're probably the most genuine guy out there. I see the content you've been posting for the past 6 years and how the hell you haven't gained much attention? I love your videos. I can see that educating others is your passion !

  11. The problem is too many immature scumbags invested and shilling crypto. That's why the market is falling apart perhaps for the next 5 years.

  12. This time no buying more, it's time holding Crypto-Currrency. Thanks for share brother Chris

  13. Check out Nomni

  14. …one of very few trustworthy people in this space.

  15. AndrewTheSage

    You are a angel in the flesh. I am still learning and watching from you. I look forward to being apart of what you are a part of when I do hit the million dollar mark. I would love to be an investor thats apart of something like what you are doing with Angels. I hope to link up with you and them one day. I will keep you posted.

  16. I'm accumulating.. And I can lose it, but I believe 2019 will be a great year to build up your position. Too many people are expecting a pop, so I think it will get lower before it gets back up

  17. özgür tepe

    Hey Chris (and others). You are talking about Security Tokens, how are those different compared to the common crypto's? Where are they listed? Is Polymath for instance a security token, or is POLY only a platform utilizing security tokens? Maybe you could name some of them to make me understand the difference clearly. Thnx in advance!

  18. Magnus Hodge

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  19. Aliaksandr Zaitsau

    Guys there are many things besides crypto these days we are repeating 2008-09 seems like so stocks getting cheaper. Buy FAANG stocks (long term call option) (maybe avoid "N")in march-april basically as soon as you will hear something about new QE from fed sell in couple of years thank me later. As for now short SPX,SPY,AAPL,NTFLX,AMZN,FB, buy GDX,GLD, ou can probably buy oil even though et can go down, short palladium , if you have access to russian market buy Gazprom, buy russian bonds (9% apy) and you will be fine.

  20. You are wrong on BTC lose favor. If Bitcoin dies, all other scamcoins will be dead way before Bitcoin. Bitcoin BTC is the only independent fundamental decentralized fundamental coin and true store of value that is not owned by a company or under government control.

  21. Zach Johnson

    What’s a good resource for learning about security tokens and how to invest in them?

  22. Thanks Chief good video

  23. BIMENYIMANA Epimaque

    U still the best one in the whole world very and very real manager expert and professional u will never give up to work on u am from Kigali Rwanda in easter Africa

  24. Christopher Erz

    You would really love X8X a basket currency backed by hard assets.

  25. You are the guy, thanks man! We are together

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