New Crypto Flash Crash!

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  1. Keen Lawhorn

    We should have a green Monday this week😉 #AMC

  2. Stephen Pereira

    Thanks to Kevin & Maria, I’ve been able to make 100k a month trading, thank you

  3. Goldmedic 88



    oh no i thought it was me and my poor luck! Glad you are checking all apps I am getting frustrated

  5. Nomics is not corrupted like coin market cap

  6. Thanks for checking HEX, its doing great things

  7. hes was the best investment decision i ever made, thanks for sharing it!

  8. Jan Kowalski

    decentralized exchange 🙂

  9. The Weatherman

    9:56 No, kevin, it's not common sense, if it were common sense, we'd have a functioning a economy and a sane world and no cyber governments working in unison with private corporation to sabotage your trades.

  10. Stephen leonard

    It's strange how people talk about all the profits, they've been making through trading of bitcoin, while am here not making any profit at all. Please can Someone put me through on the right path.

  11. Jackie Janssen

    Due to this recent bullish pattern observed in the crypto market mostly bitcoin trading, i have been able to record massive success trading accurately with a valid signals. Making at least 5.6btc profits in space of 6 weeks in day trading, I would advise anyone seeing this to also make the right decision going into bitcoin day trading, *thank you Eric Clark for a work weldone you are true mentor and pro trader*.

  12. Algorands moment has arrived, the next 100x coin pumping😁😊😇💢💥💯😏👌

  13. you should do an interview with HEX founder Richard Heart – crazy HEX is gatekept like this

  14. <If there is one thing I have learned in recent months it is to remain calm, especially when it comes to investments in cryptocurrencies. Learn not to sell in a panic when everything goes down and not to buy in euphoria when everything goes up. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. The market is very unstable and you can't tell if it's going bearish or bullish. While myself and others are trading without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 7 BTC from 2.1 BTC in only August from implementing trades with tips and info from Mr. Cory O'brian

  15. Any company that experience a huge boost in activity tends to fail due to their infrastructure not being able to handle load. Robinhood and other well known brokers have already experienced that huge demand and are able to scale out their servers to support it. Just keep that in mind.

  16. Krishna krishna

    Lol u just spent $25000 to show us robinhood is working or not ! That’s crazy mate. Good videos by the way.

  17. Molly Abigail

    Nice one here, though i prefer trading with the help of a professional trader, I believe it saves me time and reduces the crypto risks involved in managing my trades…..

  18. HEX- if you ignore because you think it's scam but don't look fo yaself u a sheep. Think forself and join winning team. Dont miss gains cuz of ignorance or laziness

  19. David Daramol

    In few months or no time people will definitely start kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.

  20. So even if you purchased it, how would you access it!!

  21. Washington George

    Try SoFi..but they charge1.25%

  22. Your video is good, but to stop the risk, major up and downs swings, real money is the ONLY way

  23. Veronica Davidson

    I'm getting tired of your s..t, so call your partner's Jim, James, Paul 🐻🥰🥰😍🤩❤️🤣😁, and Tyrone, and tell them to come help you pack your s..t boo boo forevermore sweetness sweet pea Pooh Bear 🐻😋 guarding her cub alone, hope you appreciated the Joke, boo boo forevermore sweetness sweet pea Pooh Bear 🐻😋🐻 guarding her cub alone, love you boo boo forevermore sweetness sweet pea Pooh Bear 🐻😋 guarding her cub alone.

  24. Dustin Tobler

    Just buy stocks problem solved

  25. upplsuckimcool16

    LOL I wonder if Elon musk has anything against El Salvador, that would explain all of this! lolol

  26. upplsuckimcool16

    If el salvador was a "SELL THE NEWS" event I don't think it would've happened within 9 minutes like it did.

  27. upplsuckimcool16

    You know seeing your chart with your lines… it makes me think all these exchanges put a stop on everyones account as to not disallow them from BUYING….. but to stop everyone from panic SELLING!

    In which caSE….. thank you you ass shit exchanges thank you!

    (this is considering the context that this WAS a conspiracy to fuck over el salvador who was not supported by the world banks to make this move…. whales came in a flash sold and exchanges shut down to prevent everyone from panic selling after seeing the dip.

    I actually think now that these crypto assets would have shot down much further if the exchanges were actually available! If this WAS a conspiracy, you'd have to think they wanted it to crash more than this…. this only sets us back a week……. if this WAS a conspiracy it was an epic fail in terms of results.

  28. Tom Campbell

    There's a SALE at Penny's!!!

  29. upplsuckimcool16

    Casually throws $50k inot a website he knows is glitching out…… Like… It won't hurt that bad if I lose 50k…

    sigh It's a fuckin happy ass day when when I my account goes up 5$ I'm a goddamn genius!

  30. kevin go deep crypto goes down 20% and crypto morons don't even know why and they have to investigate why why why buahaha

  31. This happened last time bitcoin dipped a lot. I couldn't use blockfi, coinbase, or crypto app. I could use robinhood though. I saw about 80 different crypto currencies drop around the same time (7:25am then)
    Probably the sell the news event like you said. I think last time was china ban news. This one is El Salvador news. You would think it would be positive news to hold though.

  32. Austin Finance

    Buying the crash

  33. I'm sorry did Kevin just say that there is not a lot of leverage in Bitcoin? A bit after 8:30 he says hes not aware that there is a lot of leverage in Bitcoin. Are you kidding me Kevin. People are taking out mortgages on their houses to buy bitcoin and cryptos. How do you not know about this. People are holding more than 100% of their portfolio in just bitcoin, with leverage. Anyone buying this stuff is going to lose everything IMO.

  34. My money is on a couple of whales selling with the expectation of bitcoin going up cuz they expected the El Salvador story to push the price up and started a panic. I kinda expected it cuz I saw it happen with Safemoon when their wallet launch failed. Held off buying all of yesterday and managed to score some BTC and ETH on Huobi. 😁

  35. Veronica Davidson

    Boo boo, take me as I am, or not at all, I still love you boo boo forevermore sweetness sweet pea Pooh Bear 🐻 guarding her cub alone forever!

  36. Veronica Davidson

    Boo, I am not sure about the stock market, I am not use to wanting to be rich, never was, so I don't know how to deal with it, so if you want to move on, I will get over it , I am used to being poor, I love you boo boo forevermore sweetness sweet pea Pooh Bear 🐻 guarding her cub alone, but I don't know if you can be with a person like me boo boo forevermore sweetness sweet pea Pooh Bear 🐻 guarding her cub alone!

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