New 'Crypto king' on what's driving volatile bitcoin trading right now

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  2. Wow you all know America isn't the only country on this dying planet … Nice.

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  15. Ethereum and Chainlink will be king.

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  17. CNBC updates on bitcoin are always a good laugh

  18. He just decided to label himself the crypto King. Self proclaimed 🤣🤣🤣

  19. steeliesteve

    Now cut to the bank comericials

  20. Don't trust the mainstream media. When they are negative about crypto its time to buy

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    lol his teleprompter messed up at beginning

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  29. paul coffman

    OH NO , the picture showed a silver token. I thought a bitcoin was golden color token, Did bitcoin loss its value? Or did i do to much token?

  30. Thank goodness, someone in the US realise that there is a huuuge world beyond America. Smart man. <3

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