New CRYPTO MARKET CRASH!! Don't Panic! DOGE Dump, ETH new ATH!

In today’s video, we discuss the Cryptocurrency market crash/dip, why there is fear in the markets, big DOGE dump and how it can still hit $1 this bull market, …


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  1. Love these new intros. JRNY wild side !!

  2. reid johnson

    Buy 🚀 litecoin

  3. Don't panic, it's just a new opportunity to buy more hehe

  4. Alessandro Bertoldi

    great vid! and never panic! 🤓🤓🤓

  5. Family Dutton

    China's control over bitcoin? Hmmmm. Ether

  6. Familie debrackeleer-Gielens

    🤑🤑  OMI  🤑🤑

  7. I'm just low-key hopping it crashes fully so I can finally get a gpu

  8. callie cwypto

    The doubling is just for the wealthy… Er… So hopefully won't effect the lil giys


  10. DASH

  11. Tom Federico

    200 billion left the crypto market, everything was at all time highs, alot of people made alot of money, while others new to the game lost holding. Has to go sideways for a while, just makes sense, you think people that bought in low and sold high for huge gains will buy back in high? NO. Unless they are actually high. The market will have to dip significantly for us to regain market value over 2 trillion again. Ada and bitcoin are good long-term, one you cannot afford. Ethereum short term is going to be good, not really affordable either. Both have to drop to get more buyers. Think about it: Summer is coming, we have all been on lockdown for a long time, people will vacation, party, move. I feel kinda stuck where I'm at. It's a rich mans world, you are always at their mercy, they own everything, when they sell, you lose, when they buy, its always early, then you buy in late, lose again. We are gaining advantage through technology, but the day traders, the rich have every asset at their fingertips to ensure easy max profits. The rich can basically wake up and ask themselves how much do I want to make today? With chump change, it's hard to get ahead unless you get in super early and cheap and hold long term. If you're rich, you can dump a bunch of money into anything when it's going up, and within a day or even hours, sell out with Huge profits while the ones with small shares are holding hoping to turn 100 bucks into a million. Just some truth, facts, and experience, things people won't say because they NEED YOU TO INVEST IN THE SAME THINGS AS THEM. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, I ONLY BELIEVE IN ADA CARDANO AND BITCOIN LONG TERM.

  12. Michael Sheridan

    Crypto summer sale now on!
    Looking at full market cap on the annual basis it looks like this drop happens around this time every year. Just way way more hype and media attention this year. I'd say keep an eye on solid real world projects and pick up some bargains. Probably give it a few days though till the dust settles. I wonder will there be another little dip when the Americans have to file their tax returns (sometime in may, correct me if I'm wrong) I'd imagine some profit taking at that point, or a week or two before.
    New to this stuff and your channel is a great resource. Keep up the good work. New intros are great but your content is why you're getting so many subscribers. Well done.

  13. Rado Kostadinov

    Doge is bubble . Ilon will take it to the moon guess how -woth your money to fund his travel . I don't get it ,there are meaningful projects . Doge is just a balloon that will pop.wake up

  14. Where can I purchase Pancakeswap 🥞 ?

  15. Do you have any videos explains NFTs and how to get into them? I know they're some out there. Just they're confusing and you're clear and I can comprehend your videos.

  16. Biden: makes you pay 40% taxes.
    me: sitting in germany getting taxed by 52% already 😐

  17. Harjeet Bhakar

    What’s your opinion on investing in smaller coins like Bepro, Sylo, Mtv ?

  18. This guy should be lambasted for promoting robinhood. Respect lost

  19. harmony one to the moon

  20. $bonfire gonna be next big thing in crypto space 🔥

  21. Turkey Sucks, all crypto holders boycott Turkey.
    Biden Sucks, all crypto holders boycott Biden and his new capitol gains taxes… OVER 50% capital gains??? WTF?

  22. Keep calm and buy Onemoon !! 🚀🚀 Let's gooooo

  23. LuxuriAification

    🔴 P R O S🔴 (current MCap 8.4 million ) Prosper is the lowest cap coin aviable on Binance. Every Coin on Binance has atleast touched a cap of 50 million. Wether its just a hype or not, Prosper is a Project of value, that will see a much higher cap.

  24. Steedstampede

    Smashing the 👍 just for the intros 😂

  25. Boris Belousov

    Markets are down because America and Russia are on a brink of war. Who gives a shit about internet money if ww3 happens. Smart people took profits and bought guns

  26. Stay calm….await the end of selling before buying…

  27. Stranger In the Alps

    Paper hands boys! SELL SELL SELL!

  28. Kendrick Otto

    Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

  29. Simon O'Shea

    Love your work! More please 👍

  30. Thank You JRNY !!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

  31. come on VGX lets get back to 7$

  32. Alex Forrest

    You always make me feel better wen I lose money in crypto

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