New Crypto News: Volatile Markets! What’s Next? Crypto Adoption | $BTC $ICX $VTC $COSS $TNC

Volatile markets and extreme FUD seemed to be the topics of discussion this week in crypto. In this video we try to look at the situation rationally, discuss the Trinity Reddit AMA, Plasma Cash, ICX APAC Tour, updates, Vertcoin news, and more mass crypto adoption.

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1:25 Market Talk
10:02 Trinity (TNC) AMA
11:30 Plasma Cash
12:04 ICON (ICX) APAC Tour
13:29 COSS Updates
16:08 Vertpig lunches Vertcoin (VTC) fiat gateway
18:00 Bithumb Crypto Kiosks
19:05 Kakao to integrate crypto
20:40 Qarnot crypto miners and heaters
22:24 Google banning crypto ads? Twitter delete scam accounts
24:49 Cryptosecure “SafeWindow”

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. This is just my opinion. Always do your own research before investing. I am not responsible for your trades… (ICO) Interview | NEO Blockchain Powered Travel Booking Platform | $NEO $CGE

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  1. Crypto Zombie

    Buy Bitcoin, Get $10 ►►
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  2. javier marcucci

    🤣🤣 nice intro!!

  3. Crypto zombie you get better and better everyday with your info. I really appreciate it and I know everyone else does as well. You will be over 100k subscribers very soon bro

  4. David Nguyen

    really enjoy your videos my dude keep up the great work

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    … awesome video dude! … your point of view and information are highly appreciated!!!

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    LOL, great intro! Holding strong!

  7. Love your show but you have to speak about Credits!, they show more in a week than Eos!

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  9. hi, take a look at Dix Asset (DIX). We want to build a new community and the price is rising right now! scam? i am not sure..

  10. Crypto Currency

    That Intro! Good stuff… keep up the good work CZ

  11. Mike Kantering

    By far my Favorite YouTuber – I am going to contact you soon to discuss something (insert twilight zone music)

  12. Liberty and Justice For All

    I dollar cost average in when the market dips on projects I have already researched and know are solid. Do a lot of research when markets are high so you are ready to snipe cheap deals.

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  15. Jeremiah Lim

    Insider info…Blocktix (TIX) will be the first crypto for mass adoption. They are about to have their app in google play and apple. They are airdropping 1 million token for first 500000 people to download their free app on mobile. Please report this astonishing development before the hedge funds pile in. They are already listed on biggest exchange in Korea…Upbit. Buy TIX.

  16. Great video K-dubb,
    With this mass crypto adoption I think DGPT will be huge. Its the first digital inheritance project. It has a low supply and will be doing a token burn and an exchange listing next month. Every financial product has some sort of measure to ensure family get inheritance in case the owner passes, and DGPT will be this product for crypto. It has great potential and would love to hear your thoughts on this token. Thanks, keep up the great content.

  17. Dude i love ur videos. I am a huge neo, qlc and tnc so definitely loom forward to any video u make talking about them.

  18. like your perspective

  19. Artificialo Stylexd

    The intro had me thinking I was watching crypto daily for a minute lol

  20. Best Intro K Dub 😉

  21. Omg i will get vertcoin asap!!

  22. The beginning of that video was pure gold !! 😉

  23. Meysam Norovzi

    Hahaha awesome intro mate

  24. Zach Perozzi

    Yes, I love the big picture stuff. Keep it up!

  25. Karl Heinz R

    I'm a fan of your channel, keep up great work.

  26. LOL that intro

  27. Karl Heinz R

    yeah, nice intor! 😀
    hopefully we will start a bullrun in the next weeks again 😉

  28. Prob ur best vid yet…nice and positive, great intro too.

  29. AnimeIsAWayofLife

    hahaha dude. ! nice intro

  30. Groko rules Crypto

    If you fall for those swapping scams on twitter etc. then you are a dumbass and should not be in crypto.

  31. Groko rules Crypto

    I thought i bought the dip a week ago but iam down even more on the alts i bought, bummer.

  32. Now it's all green. But its good time to buy. Bought NEO, ADA, NCASH and ICON.

  33. Cryptocoin Kiwi

    I thought I was watching Crypto Daily at the start!

  34. You should look into zoin and nuls

  35. Well said bud, I’ve enjoy the content you put out lately, keep up the good work sir!

  36. DazzFire - Rhiannon

    There's such a flood of new ICOs coming out now that it feels like the pool of buyers into the established projects is being so diluted that prices might rise a lot slower than ever before.

  37. liftyourlife

    Top Intro :,)

  38. Michael Johnson

    Great content – thanks!

  39. Hope Bleecker

    Thank you so much for the video today on Sunday March 11. I needed to hear this today!

  40. Haaaahaaaaa I love the intro

  41. Goldsilvercrypto

    We're is that video from.. we're can u do that!!!?

  42. How about talking about Act!

  43. You can handle a crypto dip but Can You Handle a Sugar Mom in Newburgh?

  44. A Crypto Schmuck

    Red is your best friend… I like it!

  45. filip pavloski

    Great video
    Greeting from MACEDONIA

  46. Great video once again! Thank you for all the time you put into this. You're very much appreciated. Common question….if you were to spend $500…what you invest in? I'm very diverse but thinking I may consolidate into just a few….your thoughts please.

  47. the markets is going to recover, the market cap is growing nearly half of December 2017 market cap when BTC priced at all time high…

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