The energy has been knocked out of the crypto market over the last 5 weeks. However, Cardano ADA refuses to give up! In today’s video, we review Cardano ADA, Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Polygon MATIC, Monero XMR and Tornado Cash TORN.
Bullish / Bearish levels are covered in this video.

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  1. BCD 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  2. I am really grateful to bithacoin platform for the great service the offer. I got to withdraw $5,000 though my apple pay from the credit card I got from them they're really awesome


    Take a look at Metals Exploration, price is 2.5p. (Epic code LSE:MTL). The market capital is 51.8m and they now make over 15m profit every quarter. They own gold mines, and also have plans to expand.

  4. Maria Godson

    I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium bitcoin any advice on any other crypto currency that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars?

  5. Hey Jason. I like to join your Ada pool. But where exactly do I find it. Is it on a particular website? I see got the ID and ticker, but where do I search with that to find it and join

  6. Thanks Jason.

  7. If you love anonymity take a look at $BLANK. Blank wallet will be amazing, great privacy project, maybe one of the best.

  8. Today is my first time buying in again since the crash 🙂 under $2 ADA again! nom. If I had to guess there's probably going to be more dip days coming up abit like a ripple effect of dropping a big rock in water.

  9. Enjoyed your chat with George, so I subscribed 👍

  10. Dominique Valenzuela

    I live in China at the moment, can I go to Australia and visit you <3

  11. Florida Bonsai

    Ethereum had the strongest bounce back. Ada actually was the weakest as matic was exploding the other day ada wasn’t moving. Then Ada went up .15-.20 and has since last all those gains

  12. Oliver Lardner

    Monero is terrible… Basically a cup game, and will be unpicked at some stage if it hasn't been already. Zcash is the king of privacy coins right now, including an endorsement from Snowden.

  13. Brittany Murphy

    You make a lot of sense, will be following

  14. Brittany Murphy

    Dang George was kind of Rude.. But I found your Channel there. 🙂

  15. Olivia philip

    The Crypto market is now going back up. it's good but I'm hoping it's stays down so we can buy low and sell high.

  16. Jeff McFarlane

    Saw you on CryptosRUs. Great job! Love how real and grounded you are. Will be a new follower.

  17. Bitcoin Turtle

    Jason, I found this new Channel is very helpful, watching you and learning from the Crypto Trading channel is the best mix.

  18. If you like privacy coins … $HOPR

  19. Hi Jason

  20. Subbed came from George’s channel

  21. Mark Anthony

    Jason hasn't slept in weeks

  22. Thanks for the trade ideas 👍

  23. sean prawns 1

    Is binance a scam I tried to withdraw my money but it wouldn't let me even though it says I am verified

  24. April taylor

    Thank you for your Videos Jason!!! So informative

  25. Cheers Jason!!

  26. Mic sounds much better (on crappy earbuds I'm using rn anyway) and pop filter doing the job – noice.

    Video too short, tho, please try to make them all at least 20 mins from now on
    😂 lol jk

  27. There is a interesting character, to be found in Google as "Wallter Bulls trading'. He made a fortune back in 2018. Recently, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professionals. This individual shows how to copy him automatically using such a service. We must try while the market is on the rise

  28. I've sold at major losses but ended up with a bigger stack in the end. I've also sold at a loss and it remained a loss….

    I'm learning. I have a new plan.

    Only put money in, try to do it at strategic times and hodl the crap out of it. If I can let it sit for a year or more I'm incredibly likely to be much better off year over year.

  29. Cardano didn't do as well as Polygon

  30. How do you mark the 50% lines etc on the charts you show please. I have been playing around on the charts whilst watching your videos but cannot find it. Thank you

  31. Crazytime is mooning like CRAZY – 0x94241428e0e36df628e0c2485bc0e158a5da3362

  32. If you guys got into ada last year between two and $.20 and you haven’t taken serious profits you guys are going to get fucked. Ada Last bear market dropped from $1.50 back down to two cents and it’s going to do it again this time folks.

  33. william kenney

    Great channel, Jason. Watch every day. Please get rid of that horrible Oxford ad with the Black guy yelling, "woah". Super disturbing!

  34. Where can you buy Torn … is it possible to buy torn in binance…didn't find it…thx for info

  35. i was watching a shitcoin chart , a transaction every 5 mins or so but gave me a real insight into how people buying and selling effect the chart and what it looks like

  36. You should turn on yr twitter messages… not many ways for regular peeps to give you hot tips

  37. Great stuff Jason. I really like your investing style. I just got into crypto a few weeks ago (great timing huh? Lol) and it’s a strategy that I’d like to employ. I don’t need 20x gains in a few weeks….I’m in it for the long term. Kudos!

  38. The P's are Perfect.! 👍🏻

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