New Culture Schlock (Awkward Zombie/Ace Attorney Fandub)

Mmm, those American hamburgers.

Original comic by Katie Tiedrich

Voiced and edited by SungWon Cho (me!)


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  1. Strider Loki

    Apollo: "Why did I enter here…"

  2. 0:110:16 Wright is in his lawyer clothes and apollo speaks a 3 second long sentence.
    0:17 Wright is now not in the lawyer clothes

  3. Ethan Edwards

    Trucy's just staring into my soul.

  4. Kucing Kampung

    Oh, it seems Old Japan will evolve to be Los Angeles, because Dai Gyakuten Saiban will be released in English for PS4, 27th July in 2021

  5. The biggest problem of ace attorney in one video

  6. i don't understand why everybody is talking about japan? it's clearly in america
    want proof?
    in recipe for turnabout the medical bill for viola/violetta was a million dollars.
    booyah, checkmate!

  7. I thought of this when playing Xenoblade 2 recently:
    Vess: Try some of my dumplings!
    The dumplings: *Very obviously rice balls*

  8. Cupofspiders


  9. Gedion Shoandagne

    Oh god…

  10. disneydork100

    Honestly the idea of these games taking place in America is just part of the charm now.

  11. Lee The Softie

    The delivery of that last line kills me every time

  12. Andrea Toninato

    I love this but I feel like if there was a really popular american song in the background (like Party in the USA) it would have been so much funnier

  13. Misleading fish

    What the hell is going on

  14. Blue N Livni

    Notice his suit morphs into a kimono

  15. “Eat your hamburgers Apollo”

  16. god bless japanifornia.

  17. masterpig5 S

    Yes, U S A

  18. Ahh yes, I shall eat the… American "hamburger" with the traditional American chopsticks while I sit on my knees like any traditional American would and eat at this traditional American Table while wearing traditional American robes.

  19. Yes appollo eat them and for dessert we will have jelly donoughts

  20. Apollo : why are you using chopstick-

    Phoenix : huh, this are my fingers your just seing things.

  21. Louisse Marguerette Navales

    And we Japanese only use guns

  22. Fractured Frame

    Eat you hamburgers, Apollo…they're watching~ >_>

  23. Jeremy Sitorus

    b i g h e r o s i x

  24. Essentially, America the continent but Japan everything

  25. in history class youd probably learn that Japan nuked the American cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, forcing us to concede defeat in WWII

  26. Griffin Herrera

    Someone.. PLEASE explain what the hell this is. I do not know what Ace Attorney is or who Apollo is P L E A S E

  27. Dang it…….. This was a prediction for the Man In The High Castle

  28. Rebecca Beldon

    I still can’t believe this came out before Spirit of Justice

  29. “I’m Phoenix Wright, and I love solving crimes… in America!”

  30. i want to live in california in united states, best country in the world and i will eat all the hamburgers around the kotatsu

  31. This filled my room with an American scent of general not stupidity

  32. Dingus Mcwingus

    Thats a nice American house they have there in america

  33. While those hamburger look good, iv never seen fries done that way

    What manner of prep and cook was used for such a delicacy?

  34. Phoenix is just in denial about being Japanese because of the localisations

  35. Cyber Jackal


  36. The great USJ! (United States of Japerica)

  37. Wait a minute… this is Ireland!

  38. Element Nova

    4kids be like:

  39. Funworks 163

    Ah yes, I love the very American and not Asian in the slightest Los angelooose with the curved rooves, Yukata fashion and definitely Miley Cyrus' USA playing in the background.

  40. 0:08
    Am I the only one who noticed the Tenma Taro and Nine-Tailed fox?

  41. Why didn't they just use a Japanese setting with english names instead, which would be a lot more fitting tbh

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