New Cuomo Attorney: Some Allegations Don't 'Rise To Level Of Sexual Harassment'

Rita Glavin, an attorney for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, discussed findings in a special investigation by the state attorney general’s office that found the governor sexually harassed multiple women, and claimed some allegations did not rise to the level of sexual harassment.

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  1. The Legacy of Andrew Cuomo….

  2. Mumbo Sauceman

    Woundt mind blow banging Rita

  3. This anchor lol…he basically said, I know you're trying to make your point but we don't have time for that…

  4. Why these women did not speak at the time it happened? I will address, immediately, the uncomfortable situation.

  5. Maf24label Tacci069

    Put Cuomo in the cell next door to that other pervert " HARVEY WEINSTEIN "!!!!!! A

  6. Most people in new York jus know how to lie, this is not criminal behavior wasting our time

  7. Barb Boisvert

    But TRUMP can do anything he wants to do. STOP talking about GOVERNOR Coumo who is a good person. And use all this energy to go after Trump and the things he did to woman, and how proud he was being rich 🤑 so he could do anything he wanted………..…………………☮️😘🌻

  8. This Rita is a smart and articulate woman

  9. I understand the need for ratings. But do we really need to explain to this journalist that if Cuomo is potentially facing charges that he is best to maintain his Fifth Amendment rights? Nobody is listening to him anyway.

  10. This is sad..Cuomo is a good dude and a GREAT Leader… he didn’t mean any harm, he’s an affectionate
    being and personally i think it’s part culture.. A lot of Italians are, but I do not think he had any malice or ill intent. I don’t see how this couldn’t have been a conversation with him and them expressing discomfort? Cuomo seems the type to be yielding! He an good dude … stand tall brotha Cuomo…

  11. This is so much closer to Al Franken than Harvey Weinstein – to imagine that saying to a nurse in Covid garb that you make it look good – to be included among the 11 makes it look weak weak weak

  12. “Some” is bad phraseology.

  13. Olufunmi Akadiri

    Cuomo -Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  14. If you don't know and trust the women ignore the women all together seriously barely acknowledge their existence is your safest bet.

  15. Potter Charles

    The Cuomo sexual harassment legacy going unreported for decades is exactly the reason MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC affiliates should never be trusted. They censored information to protect him. And you all thought you could rely on them for your belief system. So sad.

  16. Lol, fancy his lawyer excusing his harassment, wonder if she would mind a man just putting his hands on her


  18. Nursing home deaths
    Karma Baby, no matter what Truth always Wins

  19. Little Lebowski Urban Achiever

    This woman is the spawn of Satan.

  20. It is all a set up by the Republicans

  21. It is all about money SMH….. gold diggers

  22. If New York votes for this piece of trash for governor, they will get more of the same bad government! De Blasio was born "Warren Wilhelm" but legally changed his named to "Bill de Blasio" in 2001 for personal reasons having to do with his family relationships. He was a supporter and advocate for the revolutionary socialist Sandinista government in Nicaragua during the 1980s.

  23. I am saddened by the demise of Gov. Cuomo. I have known women to blatantly flirt with their bosses. It is unjust the sexual harassment laws are one-sided. It is probable that the Governor did not contest the case and embarrass the women. He is that kind.

  24. CeeA Charland

    I have to be your employee for you to harass me? So if I don’t work for you, you can do whatever you wish to me? Whether it’s by employment, friendship, strangers—keep your hands off me.

  25. How many years are these women talking about when he said this or that too them? All women are not honest just like not all men!!

  26. Watson Miller

    The reporter has a preconceived feeling about Cuomo. Saying groped and/or fondled is completely BS. He is so high on himself, he couldn't possibly hear what she is saying.

  27. Forget about the allegations that doesn’t rise to the level of sexual harassment. Just look at the ones that rise to that level .

  28. Cuomo is sick, he got a rise out of coming on to these women!

  29. Chris McCartney

    Men and boys have sexually harrassed girls and women for ever, it is time to stop doing it. I feel a bit sorry for this man, if I went after all the boys and men who sexually harassed and assaulted me over my lifetime it would be quite a list. It's a dangerous minefield these days, people male and female need to keep their hands to themselves and lay off sexist talk.

  30. Derzeen Downer

    Be strong Gov and hold your head high god bless

  31. Rashonda Smith

    I love cuomo lawyer she is smart I hope you accusers are ready to get Embarrassed by the world

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