New Cuomo's Attorneys Respond to AG Report On Sexual Harassment Allegations

NBC News’ Tom Winter reports on New York Gov. Cuomo’s attorneys’ response to the Attorney General’s report on the sexual allegations that have been made against him. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Cuomo’s Attorneys Respond to AG Report On Sexual Harassment Allegations


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  1. To bad Fredo doesn't resign as well. A couple of worthless people with a large net worth. Both are bullies and abusers. Must be in the Cuomo genes. You can't make this stuff up.


    This sucks ! Why not make CUOMO be a successful politician – 😁 come on these are not real allegations

  3. LoveConquers

    I’m all for justice but I just don’t buy it. White women tears are not trusted in my community because it gets ppl murdered. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were paid off to assassinate his character & to get rid of him. All these years he’s been in public service , now this happens?? If he did it I hope he gets what he deserve but if this us another government corruption crap shame on these woman for partaking.

  4. Nothing has been done until now , no wonder Biden talk about little girls

  5. Jeffrey Meyers

    Sounds just like Clinton’s Lie!!!!

  6. Stay

  7. Peace Love and New Ethics 💙❤️💙

  8. jane toscano

    Nice that the women finally got some type of justice but what about the elderly who died in the Nursing Homes due to Cuomo’s handling of the COVID in those facilities??Justice must prevail for them too.

  9. TheBobelly628

    I’m a woman and it’s bizarre or Cuomo needs to be on meds. What man would put his hand down a subordinate’s blouse and cup her breast? This is crazy… but he does have those crazy eyes…😳

  10. Verjean Thomas

    Are we coming upon a time in society that I can punch you in the eye , you wait 5 months and say hey this guy hit me in my eye and it hurt

  11. He's gonna have to legalize Cocaine to get out of this one…

  12. B Ray Sanborn

    I guess sooner or later even NBC news has to report on Coumo … but
    Hunter is still safe.

  13. Martha Ramos

    Don’t resign Mr. Cuomo… they need witnesses!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Richards Family


  15. Cuomo needs to come out and say that he’s a homosexual. This will definitely help him win over all these accusations toward women.

  16. Not being reported by the MSM. Tony Naverrete Democratic State Senator from Arizona has been arrested for Sexual Misconduct with a minor

  17. Solaire Solalalalalemon

    I mean he is only guilty cause they don’t want him as a president

  18. He also murdered tens of thousands in nursing homes.

  19. Clubber Lang

    Biden wouldn’t remember it anyway, he can’t remember what his wife looks like.

  20. Marilyn Mesias

    No one in New York cares about this nor believes it. We just want to know how New York is going to look in September.

  21. TheMobileHomestead

    Lindsey Boylan the first woman to accuse Coumo ran against Jerry Nadler in New York ..and guess who helped bankroll her run … it was the same PAC that got AOC and her Toxic Squad elected … and you can see exactly what Lindsey Boylan was really about watching her speeches she gave during her political run… she told her young supporters many times that it was the right time to get rid of all these old white guys and replace them with women ,people of color and LGBT's types who would support the Bernie Sanders Progressive stance on the Green New Deal and Medicare for All … luckily she lost …but what did she do right that … Miss I had my life ruined by Coumo's constant sexual assault …calls him up and asks him for her job back….
    This is happening now because the Toxic wing of our Democrat Party ..the progressives ..are willing to play just as dirty and tell whatever lies necessary to gain power as the WORST Republican does … so IE. These Horrible creatures who have the nerve to call themselves Progressives saw the attack and all the lies told about Cuomo coming from the Republicans as a perfect opportunity to jump on board and take him down … and for the idiots who are so simple minded that they think that since 11 women accused him this must prove this happened …you can find a lot more than 11 Women in Congress who will tell you the lie that Biden stole the election from Trump your dumb appeal to popularity fails completely .

  22. Sturdy Thorpe

    My Mother, Wife, and Daughter want to know why he isn't in jail yet. I have no answer?

  23. Cuomosexual!

  24. Sexual harassment is definitely bad but murder of thousands of elderly people is much worse but fake news media is not talking about that instead we get the smoke and mirrors to deflect from real crimes.

  25. El Leviathán de los bosques

    I don't specifically care about what this guy did, or what Trump did. Your life goes on even after this social media backlash and hysteria around politics. Come on, who gives a crap about the past of this guy.
    And to those saying “where’s me too, where’s the Democrats when their allies get accused of sexual misconduct…”, like, if that were true, why did I heard this scandal so many times in this week and many liberals and leftist were the first ones in complaining about it?

  26. Ghirardelli Chocolate

    Apply au lait soap all the way to elbows to check if you had something to slow down ur brain and movements. Then purchase one of the TJ max oils and apply on your ears the bone looking part. Check with your eye doctor to see what to do about it.

  27. 11 women came forward – most women don't come forward so there's a lot more out there

  28. Navagator Flight

    This is so bad!!!!! RESIGN!

  29. Chase Jackson

    My dear friend is in ttl denial….He called me last nite for my advice n I told him, "this is not a battle u r gonna win….even if you can successfully refute 1 claim, what about the other 10?"…He hung up on me…How rude!!!

  30. Imake THErules

    Said the N-word on live television, and Allison is still working in this field…way to go America, I get it…protect your own at all cost😐

  31. Martin Zelaya

    What with the audio blank?

  32. Martin Zelaya

    Wait so this executive assistant has an FBI agent as a boyfriend and Cuomo fondled her away? That's odd. As time goes on…

  33. New Yorkers stand up for your Govonor do not let the Media run your state your Govonor has stood up for you and your families thru Covid, Jobs and monies for you and your families stand up and tell them NO NOT HAPPENING…he has been there for everyone of you New Yorkers always and you the average person's know that fight to keep your Govonor if he has be disrespectful then sanction him with taking his PAY for up to 3 mths support your Govonor and let him finish his TERM NOW

  34. failed golden child

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