New Current Mortgage Rates Canada – APRIL 2021 Mortgage Update

Fixed mortgage rates are up! Variable mortgage rates are down! In today’s video we discuss current mortgage rates in Canada, including the best fixed and variable mortgage rates, as well as the best discounted mortgage rates.
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Mortgage Rates Today as of March 4, 2021

Discounted Rates
Lowest fully discounted rates for mortgages with less than 20% down or more than 35% down payment
5-year fixed 1.84%
5-year variable 1.20%

For mortgages with 20% to 34.99% down payment
5-year fixed 1.84%-2.04%
5-year variable 1.20%-1.25%

Non Discounted – full featured mortgages
For mortgages with less than 20% down or more than 35% down payment
5-year fixed 2.09%
5-year variable 1.40%

For mortgages with 20% to 34.99% down payment
5-year fixed 2.09%-2.29%
5-year variable 1.45%-1.50%

Best 3 Year rate 1.54%


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  1. Patrice Boivin

    RBC claims the current mortgage rate is 7.5% …

  2. shafiq mojaddedi

    What do you think B lender mortgages ? Their rates , service fees etc . Looking forward to your input on this in future videos .

  3. Gerhard Leete

    Great content very great channel

  4. Fahad Qureshi

    Current variable getting offered to me at 1.43 and fixed coming at 2.20 at cibc 5 years fixed

    Not sure which way to go

  5. HI Nolan, can you please educate us on refinancing with respect to buying fixed uppers? Lot of young folks these days buy homes, fix it up slowly and build equity. good to know about refinancing and using HELOC etc.? thanks

  6. Paul Swansburg

    Hello Nolan, what’s your opinion on rolling lines of credit into your mortgage right now when renewing? With the way lower interest rates would the savings be worth the extra time to pay it off? Would like to see a video on this.

  7. Spencer Gatten

    "Im certainly not suggesting you will get cancer if you get a discount mortgage" made me lough out loud.

  8. shawn arvind babu

    looking for a video to talk more about Variable rate (how high this can go in next few year after post covid) As a new buyer who looking to sign up variable just want to make sure we are not in for crazy variable mortgage rate in the future

  9. Sargon Sargon

    Hi, great video! Does anyone knows Landwise as a lender for mortagea ? I mean my broker is suggesting eigthrr, National Bank of Canada, Landwise, TD, and others. Just never heard of Landwise and so since they (Landwise) seems to allow me to secure a rate at 2.79% for 5 fixed years event though i might vet 2.09% ehat my broker told me. So just wanted to know better about Landwise. Regards

  10. Crossed 8K!! Keep up the good content! You have an Albertan cheering for way more than 10K!

  11. Dallas Dutchyn

    Pure Awesome Sauce 🔥
    That is a fantastic "Why" 👍

  12. Sorry your video is way too long for a single message.

  13. Derek Jasper

    A lot of people want a good lifestyle but the way they spend can't see them get that lifestyle anytime soon the better rich invest more and spend less

  14. Where is the 0.99% HSBC variable rate? Isn't that better than 1.2-1.4%?

  15. What does it mean if you just bought a house? Will prices go down?

  16. wickedywack69

    Nolan, could you share rates for investment properties as well?

  17. Nabil Tirmizi

    Don't stop. Your videos are very helpful good job!

  18. Roel maliwat

    Hi nolan,what can you say about blended mortgage?I'm planning to grab the blended offer now instead of paying the penalty for breaking the maturity of my mortgage.

  19. Hameed Talebi

    Quite frankly, this video and some other videos that you have are too long relative to the amount of information that they have. It will be better if you keep yout video as concise as possible to get more people to subscribe.

  20. Raza Mohammad

    Great content 👌
    Thank you for sharing.

  21. Followed your advice just renewed my mortgages for May 1st both variables, primary residence 1.50 % and my rentals 2.0 %

  22. Your channel is growing fast! Love all the great Canadian content!

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