New Dalip Tahil gives the Power of Attorney to Shahrukh Khan (Baazigar)

Dalip Tahil gives the Power of attorney to Shahrukh Khan so that he dosn’t have any problem in operating the company in his absence.


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  1. Yogi Adityanath needs to do this to Modi – 03:0003:46

  2. Hasnain Abbas

    Aur kis kis say piyarkaron badshah abbasmustan ki tamam filmaein shandar hain siwaeh racethree hagu movie kay

  3. Hasnain Abbas

    Khildai bazigar tumkonabhoolanapayengay racenumberone racetwo

  4. This scene was worth watching over and over again! 😎


    Srk was…

  6. The background score is Killer

  7. Mohammed Shaikh

    I like Shahrukhs perfarmonces in Baazigar and Darr.

  8. I love this dialogue sir aapke jane ka waqt ho gaya I miss negative and revengeful this Madan chopra


    Pls full movie in this same print

  10. Electrical Artist

    I don't think SRK is in a negative role in this movie. I mean, sure, for the first half you will be convinced he's the bad guy, but when you get the clear picture you know he wasn't a psycho or a villain here. He was forced to do this, because of how Madan destroyed his father' life and family. So we cannot say SRK is negative or positive in this movie. SRK had a reason to do all this back to Madan, and that, my friends, is called karma.

  11. My favorite movie🌸🌸

  12. Mr desai suru se isi company me juda huwa tha

  13. Chopra's worst foreign trip 🤣🤣😁😁😁🤣

  14. 0:17 sniffs yes 🤣🤣

  15. Sanjay Kaushik

    This is blockbaster movice

  16. Kimberly Clark


  17. 0.52 pe….isko khud ko pata tha…iske dono mein se…ek NAKLI GOLI….missing hoga

  18. Man I miss the negative and revengeful shahrukh🔥

  19. Khawaja Imran

    Bhai power of attorney was under Vicky malhotras name and he’s not even Vicky what a load of crap lol

  20. Roosseet2018 Roset

    Amazing acting performance ever 👌👌👌👌

  21. This guy Mr.Desai saw everything. Takeover of Chopra from Sharma and then of Sharma from Chopra. Uski position wohi ki wohi rahi…dono ke niche naukri ki 😀

  22. Abh ye chehra aur jawani Kahan rahi king Khan?? Kisi ki na jawani hamesha rehti na hi health. Cigarettes pee pee Kar chehra khatam kardiya tumne…

  23. Best revenge.

  24. True Patriot

    Lens girne se itna darne ki kya zarurat hai

  25. Mohd. Danish

    Sr apke jane ka wqt ho gya h

  26. Hasnain Abbas

    Sali teen filmein banchuki hain businees kay dhokay pay pahlay izatdar phir bazigar phir aikrishta

  27. Hasnain Abbas

    Yar saray dhokay india main hi hotay hain businees main

  28. Its my flight time too. Is there any beautiful girl who wants to take POA of my personal property ?? This property includes an 8 inch high rise tower

  29. syed ibrahim

    Interesting story

  30. Bollywood Life

    SRK Best perfomence

  31. Arun Cherian

    Have to admire Ajay’s stealth

  32. Ahtesham Naqvi

    What a scene

  33. Rebel by birth

    Sarcasm lies in the dialogue SIR APKE JAAN KA WAQT HO GYA HAI..

  34. Engr. Faiz Ali Khan

    tit for tat….

  35. PAWN gets the POWER of ATTORNEY N the HEAD becomes his CHEF N CLEANER. Wht a LOGIC?

  36. Zeeshan Omar


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