New Daybell’s Attorney Withdraws Subpoena Against the Press | Profiling Evil

PE explores reports that the Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow Daybell defense team has withdrawn the subpoena forcing reporter Nate Eaton to testify in a hearing. Tammy Daybell, J.J. Joshua Vallow, Tylee Ryan, Joseph Ryan and Charles Vallow
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  1. The recent antics of the defense attorneys smack of desperation and perhaps a knowledge on some level of guilt.

  2. Carolyna Bellrose

    Truly I think a lot this reporter is excellent he push’s to get his story but also has caring heart to those children and others that past away to Lori Chad Alex what they have done . I also be leave Mg new a bit about Lori husband she was helping her in police station with that but then again she might of been manipulated to help her Lori just used her to get were she wanted with all her killings I think she cased Chad to helping her him her he figure oh blond he loved his women he isn’t any thing neither is Lori I also be leave Lori Niece husband new one we’re involved and Alex’s few weeks wife she was with Ld long and Lori new her Alex gets married Lori got rid of her brother with wife she’s a nurse correct hmmmm think there was more set ups to killing all was pre meditated and her claiming in sanity I hope she don’t get it because all the murders were well planned with Chad Alex so on . Death penalty is what should happen here . So many got killed poor kids to call that there mother. Also He did great in all his stories Lori Chad are up set bo ho to bad he did a fantastic job love him

  3. I appreciate your Memorial Day recognition.
    Glad subpoena for Nate Eaton was dropped. Thanks, Mike!

  4. What made Pryor change his mind? Was it pressure from judge? Good news either way. Nate Eaton is one of the best and just doing his job…We especially look forward to his reports as Daybell drama continues to unfold

  5. Sharon Mickey

    God bless all who serve.. xo

  6. Prior in withdrawing Supeona has admitted he was wrong

  7. Sprite Queen

    That moment when the chihuahua picks a fight with a pitbull….Then figures out who he's dealin' with! 😂

  8. I have never seen two lawyers cause so much trouble in a case as Pryor and her attorney have. Every time they open their mouths they make them look more guilty, she is not insane she is just evil. And now its time for her two children her husband and Daybell's wife to have justice for what these two have done. So, get on with it.

  9. Can't understand what prior was hoping to get by trying to get Nate as a witness. Sounds to me prior was desperate and clutching at straws to try find a defence opportunity for his client. He's likely withdrawn it now because he couldn't get what he wanted. Its similar to what Marks Means is trying to get from Melanie Gibbs… these guys havnt got a legitimate leg to stand on and are wasting time and trying to slow down the process because they know their clients are Guilty AF.

  10. We don’t encourage our kids to join military here . Seems very different in US .

  11. Hi I first came soon this case as I would occasionally see news of this guy Nate who would with community support help people who were unjustly served a cruel blow or worked hard etc. He would give cars money etc. It was great. One day he was in Hawaii asking after this case. It was startling and I followed it ever since. I am on the other side of the world and it is odd that a subpoena would request geographic information. When I heard mentioned that subpoena there was a creepy feeling as if there was an element of vindictiveness more personal annoyance towards Nate. I don't know America at all but your channels are great and Nate seemed like an honest great person.

  12. Thank you for always explaining things and keeping us up to date!

  13. Robinett Banister

    Prior is pompous. He knew the subpoena was not going to fly. He was just trying to divert focus from Chad and the pending multiple murder charges

  14. Deborah Van Wijk

    If a journalist is not able to perform his duties as a deliverer of what is going on out there then where would we be? Freedom of press!! I would always want to know what is going on.

  15. Does not look like chad missed a meal since he is locked up. He looks well rested as well. Probably knocking out a ''book'' a day ready to be self published the day he steps out of jail.

  16. Wayward Angel

    So did he (Being, Prior) have to be told by a judge or another lawyer about the laws?? 🤦‍♀️
    He is just as much as a knucklehead as the guy he is defending! What Champs!

  17. TrueCrimeNut

    Thank goodness Mike, that Prior withdrew the subpoena against the press and Nate will not be forced to testify. I was praying that this actually would hold up, after all. Good for you Nate…. we look forward to continuing coverage on this most bizarre, twisted case…..

  18. Tigerpaw and Bambino

    I really enjoy your coverage! 🙂

  19. Love to all the people who served and their families from me in Canada

  20. Astara O’neill

    Looks like Chad’s kids have stopped by, and hit the dislike button.

  21. Laurel Needham

    Nate set the bar on press coverage of this case! I’m glad the subpoena was pulled. It certainly is his case!

  22. Tonya Waters

    Pretty sad what they did to Nate . He's the only reason why I keep up with the story . after watching him in Hawaii asking the dumbbells were are the kid's at .the look in his face broke my heart . glad they let it go .

  23. Donna Duncan

    Nate should not have been subpoenaed in the 1st place! Reporters are covered by the first amendment as it should!

  24. I don't think Nate is out of the woods yet. He may not be subpeona'd to the hearing, but i am not so sure he won't be called to testify at trial, but not on his reporting, but yes on his interviews. which he can be compelled to do. as to no client privacy there.

  25. showgirls around the world a dancer family

    If i were nate i would sue pryor for loss in wages!!!!!!

  26. Kathryn Casteel

    In majority, my opinion of the media is lacking. However, I think Nate Eaton has done a great job. He is doing what a great reporter does. Report the news. He asks questions. Not stir with his opinions.

  27. showgirls around the world a dancer family

    I knew it..because his buddy mr means was using the internet social media yapping about vallow daybell case all over..he should ho to jail!!! Haha

  28. Debra taggart

    They don’t want him talking about all the skeletons in their closet now. Nate has a lot they don’t know, from Melanie.

  29. Faze panda crew

    Do u think that he would be made to testify. I’m just wondering if the judge told them they couldn’t do that

  30. It's a dirty shame Nate was subpoenaed in the first place. In my opinion they were grasping at straws.

  31. Why is such elementary incompetence running so rampant on both defensive sides of this case?

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