New Defense Attorney Comments on Ahmaud Arbery's Toenails

Eyes are on Brunswick, Georgia, as the prosecution is expected to give its rebuttal to the defense’s closing arguments in the trial for the three white men accused of killing Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery.

During the defense’s closing arguments, an attorney commented on Arbery’s toenails, sparking outrage. Jurors could begin deliberating the case as early as today. BNC correspondent Dray Clark joins “Start Your Day” with Sharon Reed and Mike Hill to discuss the latest from the courtroom.

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  1. Just looking at a risk/reward perspective. What in the world could be the upside to make that comment?? Wow

  2. Inferring that dirty toenails have something to do with this is the biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever heard.

  3. Leon Gardner

    She has shown how low a racist will go! Now let's blame the victim, bc they ( three of them) tracked down someone like a wild animal n killed him.

  4. marty frazier

    Hate is so loud in the courtroom. People who talks like this does not believe in God!

  5. Vanessa Vaughn

    Report on the hate crime murder in Wisconsin when innocent grandparents and kids were mowed down vs toenails. The audacity is killing those innocent concert goers

  6. Mydebby Toohot

    3 white killer's


    Kyle rittenhouse Wht vigilante club


    Stop deleting comments this channel be 🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝

  9. Lin Ferguson

    I'm so happy to see others witnessed this tragically deplorable behaviour by defense council as I honestly was so perturbed & taken aback, I thought I might have been mistaken in whatever way that led me to conclude this witch' is nuts & unnecessarily insidious for making that statement. This will be in my next podcast on 'Lin's Bins™'.

  10. It has been said that the word "HATE " is to too kind when "THEY" talk about how they feel about us people of color.

  11. That was the most desperate attempt at character assassination that I have ever heard.

  12. I hope this jury proves Justice Matters. Ahmad's history has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT THE MURDERERS DID. This was a horrific sadistic act. Vigilantes are just self-appointed gangs.

    It it obsolete since we have a Natl Guard. Only military should be allowed to own MILITARY weapons and no society survives an armed populace. This is 3rd world country BS. You can't have the freedom guaranteed by the 1ST if some 2A ammosexual has a gun. Guns don't promote open debate or free speech. No one is safe when people take loaded guns to public events, grocery stores, etc.. Guns destroy freedom and now we have to deal with domestic Terrorists using them for Hate crimes. You don't even have to be black! They kill Allies now as well and get away with it. We must negate the hate at all levels. No sane civilized person is safe from these crazies.
    Ban long and military weapons. You don't need more than 6 shots to defend yourself and, IMO, if you need a gun to make your point or feel safe, you need a shrink. Guns never bring peace or joy. Only death and hopefully life imprisonment.

  13. Whyt supremist racists are guilty for what they are & have no defense. That's sick but the real sickness is how they project that onto innocent black people & then kill them by believing they are guilty for what they are & have the audacity to try to defend themselves.

  14. Dwayne Barnes

    Policing Whiteness and white privilege is not Amerikkkan. The defense attorney's comment was ignorant, but it is part of a larger narrative of whites saying what they like because who will correct them?

    Whites recognize Black people are too busy loving white spaces, supporting post-racial ideas, or devaluing Blackness. So marginalizing Black folks is another day at the office for whites. Black people will not challenge white people because that is not Amerikkkan.

    I will not be surprised if the three defendants are found not guilty, and how will Black folks respond by saying we all should get along.

  15. Patty's Hobby World

    WOW how low can you go…. all the way to he'll I guess… so in other word Mr. Artery was an animal and these guys in their "instinct" took him dowm

  16. Jerry Strange


  17. eddie_arcadia

    So let me guess they're going to be closing for another week😂😂😂

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