New Defense Attorney Says Ahmaud Arbery Had ‘Long Dirty Toenails’

A lawyer defending the three white men accused of killing black jogger Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, is facing backlash for a comment about Arbery that prompted gasps in the courtroom and provoked widespread outrage. One of Gregory McMichael’s lawyers said during closing arguments: “Turning Ahmaud Arbery into a victim after the choices that he made does not reflect the reality of what brought Ahmaud Arbery to Satilla Shores in his khaki shorts with no socks to cover his long, dirty toenails.”


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  1. I'm unsure as to how his toenails has anything to do with him being brutally murdered…

  2. Yep that was absolutely uncalled for.

  3. This didn’t go well for the defense. A little indelicate, but obviously she was implying that Arbery was clearly not out for a jog as suggested by the prosecution. The ironic thing is, he probably wasn’t. He did have a criminal record after all.

  4. Biden is a victim of elder abuse

    Whooopps she did a racism

  5. karen vickery

    Wtf…. so based on our toe nails we should be shot, is that what she is saying… this is so disgusting of this woman!

  6. Media Calls out rude smearing behavior then Does the Same rude smearing in the next shot..

    Ahh gotta Love it 😆

  7. Truth Is Out There

    The reality is if he had been in prison for his previous crimes…..where he belonged…..none of this would have ever happened

  8. Truth Is Out There

    They should call him the tuxedo bandit…..because apparently he always wore a tuxedo when he robbed homes

  9. opinioncomments

    That didn't age well

  10. That lawyer is the type that you don't hire.

  11. Outthis Piece

    How sick of a person can one be for the dead this is this lady job?

  12. Shantel Goggins

    The lawyer should be Fired!!!

  13. melissa nicholson

    Hope her career takes a hit. That's absolutely disgusting. What point did that serve???

  14. She should have mentioned the hole in his chest

  15. WTH???!!!!!

  16. Lol it was true wasnt it

  17. That’s racist BLM Black Lives Matter

  18. It's like they were trying to lose the case.

  19. What do you expect? A defense attorney trying to justify the murder of a young, black man by 3 racist white people who saw a black man running in their neighborhood and immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. She had to say something to slur the victim. I'm shocked that it was only that. Let's just say all the defense attorneys said extremely stupid things to justify an extremely stupid act.

  20. I woder what school of law did she go to?She must have skipped classes

  21. Want a monster this lady is to make a statement like that

  22. WTF ???

  23. Hahahahahah gross 🤢 🤮

  24. They jumped seamlessly to kyle’s case.

  25. MostToasties

    This lawyer …….. hopefully never works again.

  26. anonymous american

    I could be critical and say that she has no skin color, and who showers before they jog outdoors?

  27. Charles Quinn

    Get real people dude wasn’t a jogger it’s pathetic RIP Ahmaud

  28. Dumb Movie Reviews

    1:38 Inside Edition changing the subject

  29. Another Karen moment in America…

  30. Omar Sharifi

    So if an innocent homeless person gets murdered we're going to justify that by how they look? Just like skin color doesn't determine who is guilty, neither does a person's appearance as well.

  31. Omar Sharifi

    What a shameful defense from a lawyer. Looks do not determine who is guilty or innocent. Actions do. What a shameful disgusting so called lawyer.

  32. Omar Sharifi

    I hate when lawyers try to use "appearance" as an excuse to justify horrific things. Using someone's appearance and not their actions is just a pathetic humiliating shameful defense.

  33. sanae dillard

    The type of attorney that needs to be kicked out of court and dismissed from being an attorney because that's like the attorney Lynda Vitale who said I was vindictive because I reported rapist Detective Bruce Roberson for physically and sexually abusing me from 1996 to 2003 of LBPD after he chased me for sex in his Police Uniform and approached me 3 times, the attorney came to Court calling me out of my name old racist.

  34. Matthew Coolness

    Word in the courthouse…. That layers coochie stinks 🐟

  35. When you chose a clown to represent you

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