New Defense Attorney’s Comment on Arbery Draws Outrage | The View

As closing arguments conclude in the trial of three men charged in the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, “The View” panel reacts to a comment that brought an audible gasp in the room.

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  1. WOW she is disgusting 🤢 come
    On you went to law school day that’s your best argument what he’s not human because he had long dirty toe nails.

    REALLY 😩😡

  2. If I hear about that citizens arrest law that was used back in the 1800 to capture slaves I will vomit🤢! It is very telling when 3 older white men hang their hats on a institutional slave law after murdering a young black man for running in their neighborhood. There are runners that run with no socks and some with no shows, I don’t care if he was running backwards down the street he didn’t deserve to be hunted down terrorized, and shot to death!

    That defense attorney can say she was just arguing a case but the racist and bigoted comments made from all four defense lawyers is telling about their own beliefs because those words would have never came out of my mouth let alone crossed my mind!

  3. Anna Trujillo

    Who is that blonde attorney? She was so offensive on her comments about Arbery.

  4. Shame on Sonny trying to make excuse for that racist attorney. She said it b cause she wanted to disparage him. She is not a defense attorney. She was a prosecutor. No reason for Sonny to be defending this racist attorney.

  5. Lord cancel this show in JESUS name. Demonic evil witches

  6. Tuttie paige

    We need a better cast asap!

  7. eternalgemini

    Horrible racist woman!!! I cannot believe she said that. 🤦‍♂️

  8. I don’t like the United States.

  9. "You call 911" … that is exactly what an Australian woman, living in the United States, did when she suspected that there was an attack on a third party happening. She was shot dead by an arriving-on-the-scene police officer. To my way of thinking (as a fellow Australian), she assumed that law enforcement would HELP the situation and not CREATE a worse situation. Big mistake … unfortunately for her, she was not in Australia. She was in a country where guns are too plentiful and people are too trigger-happy! You can even get shot whilst working on a movie if recent events are anything to go by. I despair that there is any solution to America's woes with guns and gun deaths.

  10. Black Diamond

    The makings of a lousy defense. Her choice words were ignorant. What a reach for grasping at straws.

  11. Its obvious the View has no clue about Covid at all considering how obese they all are. In reality Covid hits obese people far harder than healthy people. I'm fighting Covid by staying healthy and keeping a healthy immune system. Not one that's been screwed with by new technologies. Give me the one based on old tech please. Least they're proven effective and safe.

  12. Love Loyalty

    Omg 😳 this devil said what again? Weirdo they are a weird

  13. The Defense Attorney is a Disgusting Vole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. DW Whitehorn

    On this day before Thanksgiving, I am thankful for justice.

  15. Kenny Brault


  16. Sickening to the core

  17. Blatant Racism

  18. I'm puzzled at the outrage by the defense attorney. When people show you who they are; we should believe them. This was pure racism; plain and simple – full stop!

  19. The nerve of this woman coming to court dressed like a cheap call girl…nothermind

  20. Ricky Powers

    It appears this show is on ABC Viacom which are defendants in the Jeffery epstien case with maxwell. Looks like Beyonce and jay-z are also on it along with def jam records. Yall some sick people

  21. Just a friendly reminder that guys like Tim Pool, who started podcasting in his home, get more views than The View.🤣

  22. Jason J Mitchell

    Opinions from the uninformed.

  23. Annette Figueroa


  24. erma hawkins

    This woman is a disgusting person

  25. michael crouch

    I agree
    Those descriptions where Absolutely Tacky and Nasty

  26. Teresa Ellis

    Hope you all cover Maxwell…noone is


    This short clip proves the guilty!

  28. But he crossed state lines! HE CROSSED STATE LINES!

    He crossed state lines 🙁

  29. Wow… I disliked This Woman, tone of voice & ⏩Fwd thru her spiel. EVEN IF Arbery WAS burglarizing the neighborhood… chasing and shooting him is obvious pure racist hatred.

  30. Twinnie Davidson

    I hope she never get another case

  31. Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises

    It is the McMaster Murder Trial NOT the Ahmaud Arbery trial. GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahmaud is NOT on trial and you of all people should know better, Whoopie!

  32. Modern day lynching

  33. Don’t worry Ladies, the jury didn’t fall for her bs because all 3 men are guilty!!! Oh there’s a God🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.

  34. soundbombin23

    Dirty toe nails? Great defense there and sad. What a horrible person.

  35. Herman Klump

    Blaming the victim— it happens often.

  36. Kara Middleton

    The defense has been blatantly, grossly racist in this trial. I can't believe they've been allowed to get away with it!

  37. Runner Girl06

    Thank you, that's exactly what that racist was doing! Dehumanizing Ahmaud! Disgusting!

  38. So what………
    You know how much inflammatory things
    Whoopi Goldberg has said……..
    Like she should talk

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