New Defense attorneys for Nikolas Cruz want to question jurors about death penalty

The confessed killer from the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was back in virtual court on Wednesday.


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  1. Nitram Anyer

    Rip that loser apart.

  2. I wonder how that defense lawyer would feel if that was her family that was murdered….

  3. Chicago, Illinois, USA

    I've never supported the death penalty. And I never will

  4. Eli R.Torres

    Back in the day from 1909-1968 we would lobotomize these guys and just leave them there. We need to bring back these mental health hospitals. There was so much mentally ill that these hospitals were 10x the size of state colleges.

  5. Eli R.Torres

    He still not been put on the 'Electric' chair??

  6. I see why the comment number is so low now. They delete all honest comments.

  7. Ludwig Krieger

    Hi, is it about popcorn ? People here don't feel comfortable around Schmuckers, do they ?

  8. Villafranca Family

    What the hell are we waiting for

  9. Courtney Land

    He needs the death penalty.. regardless of his age.. he took ppl children's and love ones.. I don't stand for the death penalty but yessss.. I said whi said and don't come for me fr

  10. GeLow Brando

    just end this p.o.s

  11. CyberCyborg 20XX

    What’s the point of keeping this fool alive? He’s never going to be released, just live out his days supported by the same taxpayers whose loved ones he brutally slaughtered.

  12. I remember this fools interrogation Demons lol yeah boy you got the demons

  13. N J valhalla

    he lost weight must be stressed not eating

  14. This should be an automatic Death Penalty… If Jurors question whether this Lunatic should or should not receive the DP then they should truly re-evaluate their support for Human life..

  15. Feed the alligators and stop wasting tax payers money .

  16. AmillionDollars NeverLate

    5 yrs worth of money an time wasted on this

  17. Vogel Vogeltje

    He reminds me of a prehistoric Dino

  18. YouTube Police

    17 people??? If a dog bites someone that sh*t gets put down. Let’s be realistic, this satanic creature in human flesh is no different.

  19. This is what happens when you bully people and expect nothing in return now he has to go to jail cause of mental health issues

  20. Robby Wilski

    He looks like Alfred E Neuman.

  21. What is she trying to do check to see if there's a exactly one person on the jury that doesn't believe in the death penalty that's cheating and it shouldn't be allowed and it is appropriate the amount of evil that he had brought upon this Earth the many lives that he took it should be taken as well that's too bad that the sergeant went to jail didn't give him the old fashioned beat down because he should have gotten one for it.

  22. this goofy defending a guy who lit up 17 kids?? money talks fr

  23. still questioning ,reviewing ,investigating so on so forth, what ever they are going to do should have been done by now !

  24. 🤔 17 people 👀 Fry him

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