New Defense Attorney’s RACIST Ahmaud Arbery Remarks

The defense attorney of Greg McMichael, one of the three defendants in the murder trial of Ahmaud Arbery, made a shocking statement during her final argument that reveals her and her clients’ feelings about Arbery. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.

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“My God. Infuriating yet predictable hate. In her closing argument, an attorney for white supremacist Greg McMichael says, “Ahmaud Arbery is not the victim, in his khaki shorts, with no socks, to cover his long dirty toenails.”

Disgusting racism & bigotry.”


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  1. resourcedragon

    I hope the defence lawyers for the McMichaels see this.

  2. 74 days!🤔

    Oh I forgot, deep south, good ole boys, cops are just as to blame as the assailants!!!🤔🙏✌

  3. Lamont Snyder


  4. resourcedragon

    Even if, even if Arbery had burgled a construction site that still doesn't justify killing him.

  5. Janna Coyote

    Thank you Ana!! I remember from my business law classes, clear back in junior high & high school, that the courtroom philosophy was supposed to be “life takes precedence over property”. Whatever happened to that, I wonder? It makes me sick & heartbroken, to think that any of today’s courts might not be honoring that philosophy. 😡😡💔🤢🤢


    She thought that she was making a fashion statement. But turned out to look like Halloween.

  7. during WWI in the south, black veterans would be lynched when they got off train to come home after fighting in the war. absolute monsters. this is why they don't want critical race theory aka history taught to children. we made a huge mistake in this country when we didnt ban any flags the represented the confederacy as well as ban any statues on public land that celebrated southern generals as heroes. to this day, the south has way too many racist who fly confederate flag because they are proud of their heritage. they should be ashamed of it. their ancestors were traitors. they act like flying that flag makes them rebels, it doesn't it makes them traitors as well.

  8. John Funches

    The best video they've done this year.

  9. Robyn Chatman

    He hit the nail in the head! Simple…

  10. Dirty toes? Just when you think you have heard it all. This is sickening…

  11. Janna Coyote

    Wasn’t he just out jogging, when they shot him? Wtf does she mean, “…the choices he made.”!?!? How is an attorney that stupid!?!? She needs to be disbarred – for incompetence!

  12. Let the truth be told.. SPEAK!!!!!!

  13. Thank You Cenk. I'm standing here, in tears, because your passionate words, were THE WHOLE TRUTH. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  14. Demarcus Faulkner

    That was awesome Cenk. Thanks for speaking the truth

  15. Out of everything during this trial, what worries me the most is the 74 days these murderers were allowed to be free citizens!!! How on gods earth given the evidence we have all seen did someone deem it legal to allow these vile criminals freedom for 74 days !!! I’m from the UK so I’m unsure what the next steps are but someone has to be held accountable for that decision!!! RIP Ahmaud ✊✊✊

  16. Euros invaded America and unleashed unspeakable violence on the natives. They exterminated entire tribes like wild dogs, and they still have the audacity to describe the natives as savages. The majority of their colonial heroes were ruthless murderers. The same applies to Canada and Australia. Open your eyes to the centuries of whitewashed propaganda.

  17. Steven McCarthy

    So he was jogging barefoot? How could his toenails be visible through his sneakers?

  18. reginald reese

    Damn right! Thank you for speaking truth.

  19. The Logician

    Cenk mic drop. Slow clap.

  20. I love Cenk’s righteous rage.

  21. The Logician

    Ana rants are the breath of life.

  22. Jay Yearwood

    I feel Cenk's anger. I have always believed these type racists are savage and backwards. Same for their ancestors.

  23. lily of-the-valley

    Cenk and Ana 👏👏👏👏👏
    Simply incredible! Never a more truer word spoken. Thank you 🙏
    Watching from England 💜

  24. Tim Strickland

    Right on TYT.

  25. Harambee Gardens

    Cenk: This was an open & shut case.

    Me: If there EVER was one.

  26. Respect to Cenk because he is FEARLESS IN HIS MESSAGE OF TRUTH !!!

  27. "Lets see your toenails bitch" needs a shirt asap

  28. Melvin Chatman

    Disgusting people say/do disgusting things – it's actually the best they can do with what they have to work with – SAD

  29. Thank you Cenk and Anna.

  30. Toria Washington89

    I absolutely love the way he said Us/We 🥰🥰

  31. EmbracingElevation

    Don't forget what they did to Native Americans our Indigenous People. Call them savage then proceeded with genocides.

  32. Movie and videogame Fanatic

    Wow I have never seen these two so angry and I agree with them 100%

  33. Rita Stewart

    Defense Attorney Karen Lady with that racist statement …..America 🇺🇸 show how people can get to the Truth….Hope Is a Live…We're not going backwards….Democracy, Constitution, Integrity, Humanity

  34. I got ugly fungus on my broken toenails and I'm white.

  35. I think the defence lawyer misunderstood her boss' pep talk when he said, "just go at it with conviction!"

  36. Reace Novello

    Gosh, Jenk, you made me cry. Keep speaking <3

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