New Defense attorneys rest in trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death

The man who killed Ahmaud Arbery testified Thursday that Arbery did not speak, show a weapon or threaten him in any way before he raised his shotgun and pointed it at the 25-year-old Black man.


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  1. arizona votes

    Chasing down a man and murdering him and then try to plea self defense is a very weak defense that any jury can only have one verdict Guilty those three men should finish off their lives in prison

  2. Mari Hearndon

    What did she say that was so wrong? The McMichaels and Ronnie thought that it was okay to kill somebody and they didn't do anything. That was a legit question

  3. Dusty Nickels

    He wasn’t jogging. He went into someone’s home, the police were called and neighbors had every right to stop him from running away until the cops got there. Duhmaud would still be alive if he hadn’t tried to take the Good Samaritans gun.

  4. Dusty Nickels

    Snoop around anyone’s house or their neighbors and you should get the same treatment. Expect a gun in your face, don’t grab it..

  5. Mal Based-Valentine

    Bloody joggers. At this point you can’t do anything but walk on eggshells around them. They have to literally either kill you, or steal half of your stuff with you doing nothing about it, for it to be seen as a serious matter nowadays…remember the times when the nation use to be clean, civilized, and orderly?

  6. Cliff Lewis Jr

    This just may be the only country in the world where you can't even jog down the street in peace without being shot and killed. That's a d… shame.

  7. Cliff Lewis Jr

    she's married to a murderer and she will have to reevaluate who she's married to. A husband who leaves out of the house without telling his wife and then kills someone jogging. She's married to someone evil and creepy.

  8. Byron Anderson

    Court hearing or no court hearing, the American justice system is a joke. It's just a matter of time as the Empire crumbles.

  9. Staged trail in plain sight

  10. Sunflower_Daze

    But the white attorney who said he doesn’t want any black pastors in the court cannot be sanctioned, ummm right ?

  11. These guys are f*** , as they should be.

  12. lily florian

    The frase YOU ARE FAKE NEWS that He said and claim is resonating loud and clear MORE NOW THAN EVER.
    Drain the swamp Mr President.
    Trump MAGA.🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤

  13. M.C. Turnt House of Tech

    Here's a revolutionary idea!!! Don't trespass! Pretty easy to stay off property that isn't yours. Hell, I learned that the hard way when I was younger. Thought I was about to die fr.

  14. All the YTS in the comments trying to justify a HUNT and KILL. Y’all should be ashamed.

  15. Better question= “if someone is under suspicion of stealing by civilians, does that warrant civilians to use lethal force? With the result of lethal force, isn’t that murder?”

  16. Upina Feelings

    I was literally gonna say shocked they didn't ask for another mistrial. This defense is embarrassing.

  17. George Blabbermouth

    This is trial I'm concerned about

  18. White ppl think they can run around with guns and threaten ppl with no penalties because they were "scared, suspicious, felt threatened or whatever"

  19. Somnus Waltz


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