New Deranged Closing Statement from Derek Chauvin's Lawyer

–Attorney Eric Nelson, representing former police officer Derek Chauvin, charged in the killing of George Floyd, delivers a bizarre, deranged closing statement as the case goes to the jury
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Broadcast on April 20, 2021

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  1. Latticewood Spobiance

    Manipulation of juries of people with largely no legal backgrounds is why many countries don't use jury trials at all.

  2. Chris Simpson

    Sigh … Doctors DO NOT knee of the necks of patients experiencing difficulties breathing !!! FFs !!! ridiculous !

  3. Jeff Whiting

    I thought Nelson did what he could do with a losing hand, and as reprehensible Chauvin was, he did deserve the best representation available to him, and Nelson likely did the best job possible under the circumstances.

  4. Chris Simpson

    Nobody in good conscious could mount a credible defense against the overwhelming evidence to support the case of the prosecution. Trying to draw this kind of analogy is pathetic and an insult to the entire legal profession.

  5. Wassergekuhlt

    No one lays face down with their hands bound behind their back.

  6. The greatest irony, if that's the right word, is that the police escalated the situation from the beginning and manhandled George Floyd. They were violent with him. He was not violent. And, the crime was a minor one really–nonviolent and he was only suspected of it. He might have been muscular and tall, but from the video I saw he was initially just afraid, not fighting. Even if he was breathing when he said he couldn't, he meant that it was hard to breathe and he was afraid he wouldn't be able to. Eventually, he did pass out and then die, so he was right. Chauvin was just inhumane. He seemed to enjoy his power over Floyd. Police should never treat a citizen this way. We have let policing get way out of hand. Reforms are definitely needed and long overdue.

  7. Paul Moulton

    If you want the 15 second review of the whole trial here it is

    Prosecution: Emotional charged arguments very focused on the video
    Defense: Expanded the investigation to focus on other evidence (drugs, heart disease and the aggressive bystanders etc)

    Prosecution wins on all 3 counts

  8. Jerry Ferren

    Defense lawyers ALWAYS twist the facts to attempt to get the client off. I was a juror on a murder trial. The victim's name was Jerry Chase. At the time of the trial no body had been found. The defense found a criminal who was in prison in Texas and at one point had been in my state whose name was Jerry T. Chase. AH HA!! The victim isn't dead!! He's in jail in Texas. The evidence against the killer was overwhelming. The defense trotted out so many theories about what happened many on the jury were completely confused and we had a hung jury.

  9. When someone manages to scream they can’t breath … don’t sit there wondering if they are expressing anxiety … the clue to their screaming may be the knee you are applying to their neck…but considering your typical American jury can not spell the word jury…it’s 50/50

  10. When you are in the prone position you do not have some idiot pressing their knee in your neck cutting off your circulation and limiting you oxygen intake.

  11. Nicholas Gruff

    It's the "Chewbacca Defense"

  12. I don't think his analogy was that bad, and you were just dividing the elements. He chose butter, sugar, and chocolate chips as examples of the elements: emulsifier, oil, sweetener. He left some out. Even chocolate chips may be real or imitation, but that element is the only one that makes the cookies chocolate chip cookies. That was just a hook anyway. His real point was to follow.

  13. Yagotta Kidding

    This was almost like a Chewbacca defense.

  14. Baggin Brooks

    Pacman didn't understand the analogy. He's saying if their is any ingredient *missing*, you can't make chocolate chip cookies. Not replace the ingredients with lessor alternatives that make the cookies not turn out as intended.

  15. Going to prison is like baking cookies, if you drop those soap you're going to get raped, well actually it's nothing like baking cookies.

  16. I was gonna say I have made chocolate chip cookies a lot of different ways. Like dammit if I want chocolate chip cookies and I don't have everything I need, I am finding a way to make chocolate chip cookies.

  17. Classic example of why one might not want to be a Public Defender.

  18. Thomas Keogh

    This attorney better start looking for a new career who would hire him now,

  19. Rodolfo Gonzales

    Cops often say they feared for their life. A cuffed man laying prone with 400 lbs of pork on top
    of him is not a threat to anyone.
    Must a person comply with their own death looming.

  20. Gillian Omotoso

    1:13 — …you can still make chocolate chip cookies. You can also go to the store.

  21. Tracey Wilson

    My god was this a cooking class

  22. Deranged is so true/ contempt ?

  23. Chris Holbrook

    I think we can all agree now that Eric Nelson is an idiot.

  24. Josue Fajardo


  25. c'mon man…. he was eating chocolate chip cookies when he came up with that analogy I do that all the time!!! Commenting YouTube content is a lot brewing beer you know …It takes time and effort

  26. Simon Multiverse

    6:58 onwards… something like "the prone position is not a problem", etc.
    Chocolate chips by themselves are not a cookie. Flour by itself is not a cookie. Heat for 20 minutes, by itself, is not a cookie. Butter by itself is not a cookie. This chain of thought leads you to believe that even if you have EVERYTHING required for chocolate chip cookies, all ingredients and all actions, all in the right order, you still don't have chocolate chip cookies. That's like saying "Even if Chauvin did everything necessary to kill George Floyd, he still didn't kill George Floyd."
    This is the kind of fake reasoning used by the characters in George Orwell's 1984, in order to justify a permanent police state.

  27. meetpoorfor crowinsfo

    His lawyer was so bad, especially in the closing arguments, that I thought he was trying to get a new trial, based on his own terrible defense.

  28. Simon Multiverse

    6:14 "Officer Chauvin made a decision not to use higher levels of force when he would have been authorised to do that. ..including punches, kicks, elbows" … he left out the crucial part: "ONLY if the suspect is being physically violent". It's called "lying by omission" which is commonly called "lying".

  29. The defense is that since he was chocked to death instead of beaten to death it isn’t murder? There’s no other explanation than blatant corruption by cops and judges

  30. Simon Multiverse

    3:49 "Dr. Tobin described how even medical doctors have problems sometimes assessing the legitimacy of a patient's needs relevant to their respiratory processes because they're saying <<I can't breathe>> and some doctors confuse it for just anxiety"
    Exactly: if doctors know that they can make mistakes, they know to ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION because they DON'T WANT TO KILL SOMEONE!!!!
    If someone says "I can't breathe" it should be taken as a warning sign.
    Chauvin's lawyer was saying that Chauvin was at least reckless in ignoring a clear, repeated warning sign.

  31. Richard Baylis

    Newsflash – people don't tend to sleep or sunbath in the prone position with their hands handcuffed behind their back – duh!

  32. Lindalee Law

    What jail ? I want to write him xoxo gossip girl.

  33. Lindalee Law

    For me? I saw him draining the life out of a person . 9"29
    The brain dies without oxygen after 4 minutes.

  34. CyanideM0nkey

    Looks like Eric Nelson's defense was so crap that you'd have to consider he was maybe wanting to put Chauvin away 🤣

  35. Terry Masters

    Watching this gave me the munchies.





  38. Juan Antonio Estrada Herrera

    He should have used the Chewbacca defense 🤔

  39. I did not know elmer fudd was a lawyer

  40. vito delorenzo

    Chocolate chip cookies .
    A recipe for murder..

  41. Any reasonable police officer will take his/her experience into consideration. FOUR POLICE OFFICERS WEREN'T REASONABLE THAT DAY & ONE OF THEM WAS MURDERING CHAUVIN.

  42. Hey TWERP! You were supposed to stay behind the shield while talking. The whole idea is in case you're asymptomatic. No one wants your germs, COVID or no COVID!

  43. He might as well call George Floyd a chocolate chip cookie. What an absolute twerp!

  44. Wtf I mean what the flying fuck of an analogy. Chocolate chip fucking cookies at a murder trial of this magnitude.
    That guy is a disgrace to the legal profession.

  45. Personally I think the judge purposely didn't sequester the jury so the cop can win on appeal. It's ridiculous for such an important high profile case he left the door wide open for the case to be torpedoed hoping nobody cares about it in a year or 2. It's fishy as hell

  46. I applaud the verdict here as much as anyone, but I don’t find it right for anyone to demonise Erik Nelson. It’s literally his job to provide for the defense of the defendant, a right also guaranteed to everyone by the constitution. He had to work with as little as he could despite the overwhelming evidence against Chauvin and I respect him for that.

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