New Derek Chauvin trial: Attorney Eric Nelson delivers defense's closing argument

Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney Eric Nelson gave his closing argument on the former Minneapolis officer’s behalf Monday, drawing on testimony from Lt. Johnny Mercil.
Mercil, who was in charge of use-of-force training at the time of George Floyd’s death, testified earlier this month that Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck was not “unauthorized.”

Chauvin faces three charges, second-degree murder, second-degree manslaughter and third-degree murder in the death of Floyd, who died in police custody in May 2020.

Live blog:

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Here are the latest case updates for former Minneapolis police officers Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Tou Thao and Thomas Lane, charged in the death of George Floyd:

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  1. Did he get possessed by aliens or no🙄

  2. Did people really think chauvin was gonna win

  3. Jake Zicklin

    Isn’t that cousin vinny???

  4. He had a lot of evidence.But did this

  5. danial lagrowsy

    Is this guy from Tim and Eric

  6. kijijini Mvulana

    Eric “hypothetical “ Nelson really had nothing to work with. The plan: Don’t talk about the Knee on the neck. Talk about Drugs, Carbon Monoxide… anything other than the video.

  7. where does he say space aliens

  8. Antonio Mejia

    Where’s the part we’re he says space aliens possessed his body bruh I don’t see no fact checkers checking that on insta

  9. Haha what a joke 🤣

  10. Even though he was still found guilty RIP my state please pray for us we're going to need it and honestly pray for any shop owner within five miles of Minneapolis I'm glad I live out far enough but it's still too close

  11. Okay we get it "holding your knee down someones neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds isnt deadly"…. But what was the motive in doing that in the first place. Floyd was unarmed and not a threat to the officer. Therefore this wasnt an act of justice but and act of vengeance

  12. Sam Doucette

    I was reading an analysis of the trial by a fellow defense lawyer, and the tone of the article wasn't so much to dissect the proceedings but instead to remind us that someone had to be Chauvin's lawyer. He was trying to invoke a feeling of sympathy for Nelson due to his overwhelmingly bad loss, reminding us that it will likely cause him many sleepless nights and may even haunt him for ages. But I'm sorry to say that I feel no sympathy for Nelson because when you get into bed with the Devil, you should pay the price. Nelson had the ability and opportunity to decline such a lost and morally void cause , but chose to accept what was surely a substantial fee and take chances with his name and reputation. He gambled and lost, so now it time to pay the piper in whatever form that may take.

  13. Sam Doucette

    I think this guy insulted the collective intelligence of the jury and offended them with his outlandish suggestions of stuff like carbon monoxide being a factor. He was deceptive at times, and I don't think that served him well in this case or his reputation in general. He really did display the epitome of why we don't like or trust lawyers. It will be interesting to see if this adversely affects his practice. I thought he came across as ill-prepared and somewhat incompetent. I wonder if Chauvin will appeal on the grounds that he had inadequate representation.

  14. Brian Szanyi

    Too many Barney fife's out there

  15. They clearly got this lawyer from Craigslist. Lmaooooo

  16. Thousands of officers are killed in line of duty. Eric Nelson made for a great defence for chauvin. Chauvin has lost much. He made mistakes sadly resulting in Floyd's death but it was accdental after 3 officers struggled to subdue George Floyd showing superhuman strength …even before chauvin got to scene GF screaming he couldn't breathe ..I think it's despicable as a black person that biden has offered support to GF family. I thought in USA u innocent til proven guilty..sad dat Floyd lost life e still dis beying for chauvin blood, violent marches and looting which usa under biden is condoning totally out of order…it's therefore NOT a fair trial..when biden and others in power try to preempt jury into giving hashest sentence possible , almost putting a noose over the jury, then a MISTRIAL should be sympathies to all afflicted e affected but dis is wokism in action. And NOT DEMOCRACY!

  17. charles finley

    Defence closing did not make any sense when he explained the use of force when it comes to applying the need there is no resistance therefore once there is no resistance the need should have been removed.

  18. Some Random Guy

    Is this the whole arguement? it's so short

  19. Erik, you are doing along with whoever is assisting you on the case, well,, you are doing an excellent job; Bravo! I have NO doubts the Officer will not be convicted. At best the prosecutors can hope for a hung jury. After the first hung jury they will no doubt retry Chauvin again–guess it is too big an industry to let it lie, what with the media and hundreds of others feeding off this situation. God willing Mr. Chauvin will be able to get a huge book deal down the road; he deserves so much more since he is being put through a ringer in Hell! Anyhow, Erik, nice job, BUT I wish you had a co-counsel sitting there with you, possibly taking certain parts of the trial in order to take some of the load off you and as well to help bring something extra to the trial. Extra or not, you have a victory coming along with Officer Chauvin. Bravo.

  20. Nelson knows his clirnt id guilty

  21. Melanated One

    If George Floyd had no intention with police would he be alive today and the answer . Is a resounding Yes

  22. Melanated One

    All that trading needs to change its deadly force.

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