New Donating 1B to Charity – Well of Goodwill – Runescape

Side note: Get B0aty to donate his money too!
^ His video

Since, the money my brother and I share in RS3 is (for the most part) untouched(aside from rare offers), we decided it’d be a good idea to donate a portion for the new update.

Not to mention this is an amazing item sink, since the items are removed completely from the game.

I believe the goal is to reach $100,000 in donations (1 Trillion GP)

Sneaky stuff:
The reason behind using Items over cash is the Well base the value of items off the Grand Exchange Value. So if you purchased items that are far below their GE value, I will spend less, but still make as large of an impact.
So… for those who would say: I could’ve sold the RSGP, donated $100 to a charity of my choosing and have ~$200-300 leftover, they would be wrong.
Since the items I donated would only be worth about $100 if I were to sell it to a gold farmer(also it wouldn’t be removed from the game :D) so win-win.


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  1. also forgot "billionaire" for donating 5bill

  2. LOL you really think this get's donated. It goes to Jagex, they are tight.

  3. PCLearnerGuy

    couldnt people have bought those shard items that are not worth what they say and just donate a shit ton of those?

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  5. Punchie Gzon

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  6. ░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄                       This is Bob. Bob is building an army.
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  7. hope u realise in england we dont have dollars lol we have pounds 😉

  8. Philip Gabrych

    rwt and you will be able to donate even more money, like triple the amount.

  9. Soylent Dabs Ft. Flawda Skimazk

    It's DONATION. You don't HAVE to do it. Your view on things disgust me.

  10. Bipolar Astronaut

    its stupid when there are some people that try to get every unlock possible in a game and cant because of something like a 1b title

  11. what the fuck is wrong with you

  12. Andre Van Duin

    You mean 100 dollars? And even still it's for charity so how cares.

  13. Malim Shabulbabi


  14. Scumlord the LXIXth

    If you wanted to donate to charity, you should sell your items for money and donate many times more money.

  15. Aaaaaand mark as spam.

  16. He used tectonic because the top has 120m ge value but 40 street value so he is basically cheating jagex lol

  17. This is actually smart and well planned out.

  18. TheDeadking100

    this is dumb fuck jagex

  19. AndersonSilvaFTW

    it also gets rid of ingame currency which makes the value of gp worth more in which runes cape a more valuable game

  20. BP does not stand for British Petroleum anymore, they stopped being called it in 1998 when they merged with Amaco.

  21. kangal baykal

    he thought about the money sink to im pretty sure

  22. Bipolar Astronaut

    so stupid they make another thing ingame that is impossible to get unless you have bills… f rs -_-

  23. Description.

  24. then no money sink

  25. yeah its cool and all, but think about how many hours of your time that took, and how all it technically was is 10 cents

  26. Benjamin Boyer

    That's awesome of you Smokey <3

  27. People donating 1 bil gp when I don't even have enough gp for 99 prayer…

  28. why would it be considered "cheating" its a charity the more money in is better for whatever charity jagex is donating too.

  29. isnt donating tectonic kind of cheating considering its ge value is way higher than actual price..?

  30. 1b divided by 47k subs = 26k gp each. right…….

  31. Smokey9112Films

    Blizzard donates to charity annually as well, except on a much larger scale than Jagex, would you say they're doing it just for the tax breaks too?

  32. Kakashi Hatake


  33. Major General N'golo Kante


  34. I donated 5m 🙂

  35. edward hadzima

    Sadly my bank is just 10m

  36. Respect

  37. whats the point of donating 1b in items for 100 dolars if you could buy 150 bonds and jagex would donate 750 dolars then? Whats your logic?

  38. kingofstakes

    If Jagex is the worst company you've ever seen you need to get out more. For instance, look up British Petroleum and the BP Oil Spill. If Jagex is the worst company, you've invested way too much in RuneScape.

  39. TheDeadking100

    Why would you give money to charity through Runescape? Jagex fucked up the game so much and they are so shit….they are the worst company i have ever seen they should all go die in water bye

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