New Donating To Musicians on Twitch (ft. Snoop Dogg)

Donating to more musicians on Twitch and asking them to play with me… or else…

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  1. this shit warms my heart in this trying times

  2. nyuckkamoments12

    Make an epic palindrome riff

  3. 3:00 tipic daft punk song

  4. Dude on thumbnail looks like snoop dog

  5. Avacado Georgeboy


  6. Connor Pixley

    first guy was fucking awful.

  7. John Velarde

    no puede ser

  8. dorito moment


  9. Domingo Alvarado

    Hello my good sir Davie504.
    Your sense of humor I love. Thank you for paying it forward to fellow artists ❤️

  10. Fender Strat

    I remember when I was a kid, there was a bass and a guitar bundle side by side. Dad told me pick which one I wanted. I picked the guitar. Maybe I should have went with bass lmao 🤣

  11. Your click bite realy Bad Man

  12. Davie and the piano girl NEED to do the Sonic the hedgehog 3 final boss music together

  13. Bennie Brunink

    'We are going for a llitle bit funky then' .. Bangs drumsticks together ..

  14. ToxicDroid 1298

    2:22 what is that song?

  15. marvinvoorhees

    You used an effect on minute 3. Why don't you tell us what brand of pedals you use. You do you keep ignoring talking about pedals? Maybe you have and I didn't find it, I could be a noob.

  16. 3:30 was fire and if anyone could find what genre this is it was be amazing

  17. Adrian Galbreath

    Hey can you do a bass cover of stay davie?

  18. Gusthavo Bochnia

    have snoop dogg

  19. Glenn Gerardus

    strange guy.but ok

  20. Gabriel Melo


  21. Bryan Suárez

    Stay funkie

  22. The Piano featuring was AMAZINGLY FUNKY AS ITS MOST

  23. Im digging 3:02!

  24. Stephen Antonsson

    You made that pink haired girl’s day. Nice job. 👍

  25. Christy Frye

    I just love what you do for so many. You really are talented and sweet. Love you Davie.

  26. Ft snoop dogg? Nigga he was like 10 seconds on the video bruh

  27. Casual _main

    Wise man

  28. I salute you Davie504 for doing this

  29. I’m sorry Davie I don’t play bass
    But if you shorten the scale flip the tuning and add 4 strings tuned to pairs with the other 4. You too could play the mandolin

  30. MC chparkles

    The snoopdogg part starts @ 6:53
    you're welcome

  31. Chris Higgins

    Can someone let me know of any music that sounds like how davie played at 3:00 please!? Thanks

  32. Slap the subcribe button road to 10 mil

  33. Hopey Van Kenobi

    Beautiful at 3:00 💓💓💓

  34. Why the hell he is not 10 million still!?!?!?!

  35. vitor vicensotti

    Thats great man

  36. Александр Лазарчук

    Клас, давай ще!

  37. I legit vibed when Davie played with the pianist and the guitarist

  38. BigSmokeTheSlumpGod

    united states dollars dollars

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