New Donating to Streamers ONLY if they do THIS…

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Donating all my life savings to famous twitch streamers & more! But they have to do THIS.. Subscribe: Reddit: …


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  1. Is it just me or didn't Hikaru literally even care for your donation?

  2. that harp girl looks like she's got angel wings on her back. it doesn't help that she plays harp and sings like an angel too.

  3. 6:33 yoooo why does Davie right here look like CaptainFlower the League of legend caster? 😂😂😂

  4. The Enormous Room, Mr. Manring. Do you need to get Zon bass free? or is this song with zero slap beyond you? not saying i'll full pay for the base, but, i'll donate to ANY crowd funding effort to get you to play the ZON bass

  5. I cant Play any Instrument except for Piano without Scales and notes. But i Love to Play Funk Bass so donate to me for bein da real wiwhsjaiallalaöaöyix