New DON’T Get a Lawyer for These Car Accident Claims (or Personal Injury)

Learn when NOT to get to a personal injury lawyer for a car accident, slip and fall or other injury claim. You’ll also find out when you should hire an attorney for a car accident or other injury case.

I give you real settlement examples showing exactly how much money clients were able to save by hiring a lawyer. You must watch this video if you’re thinking about handling your own injury case.

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You’ll see real examples of how insurance companies can take advantage of you. And you will see some huge secrets that insurance companies don’t want you to know about.

Chapters in this video:

0:00 Intro
0:14 May not need a lawyer if you’re not hurt badly
0:27 Progressive offers money even if you’re not hurt
1:13 What if you’re hit by a hit and run driver or uninsured driver and you don’t have UM coverage?
2:21 What if your co-worker is 100% liable?
4:04 Dealing with large loss adjusters (injury claims)
4:52 GEICO employee was happy payouts went down
5:14 Do attorneys get 3.5x bigger payouts than people without a lawyer?
5:51 Will insurance company delay your settlement if you don’t have a lawyer?
6:31 Does surgery get you a $100K payout?
7:18 Would adjuster have offered $445K without a lawyer?
9:05 Attorneys aren’t emotional negotiators (You are!)
9:55 Lawyers have software that allows them to work much faster than you
11:48 Adjusters are overworked (Do you have time to chase them?)
13:25 Hire an injury lawyer if you were hurt while working (and someone else is at fault)
15:31 Medpay insurance must reduce its claim by your attorney fees & costs
16:58 Medicare must reduce lien by your lawyer fees & costs
17:33 Get a lawyer if you don’t have health insurance & you’re injured
17:50 Insurance company delayed $170K payout without lawyer
19:29 Attorney can tell you which doctors kill your case
19:58 Hire a injury lawyer licensed in the state of the accident
22:28 Attorney can pay for your 1 time medical exam
22:40 Health insurance may be required to reduce its payback claim by your lawyer fees
25:18 Attorney can minimize your tax liability with proper settlement language

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  1. Have you ever told a potential client that he or she doesn't need a lawyer and then had that client offer to pay for your time? I find it awkward and tell that client that I'm uncomfortable saying: "You don't need a lawyer. $75 please."

  2. I need your clone in Ohio ASAP. Do you have any partners up here? Your videos are awesome!

  3. I claim the age of majority and going through a hospital mael practice and i had a Qoud drupple bypass surgery and they left wires in my body and I'm in pain cant sit down without being in pain and I have to lay down cant go do anything for fun and travel in my automobile to visit with family and friends I did the research on it and I seen in 2018 was $5-5 million dollars its 2021 and I'm not taking less than$7 million dollars I have four wires in my body and they had only one wire in them I'm not going through serjury again for chump change hell no its not a good idea to have a operation you have a chance to have origins shut down and I'm not up for that one my Life is worth more than promisery notes that for sure

  4. Why the demands carry a threat against the at fault driver of salary garnishment if lawyers only want the policy limits?.
    What is the defense at fault drivers have when is obvious that the other driver ( claimant) is making a fake injury claim?.

  5. Can you chance change your mind and get a different lawyer if it only just a few days of the accident?

  6. Can I hire a attorney after a settlement is offered? Say for instance if they are not offering enough money

  7. How long did negotiations take from the first 100k offer to the final 445k offer?

  8. I was involved in an accident in Texas, the vehicle hit me from behind at a stop sign. The insurance paid for my vehicle. My injuries wasn't very bad however I did have issues afterwards. I went through and finished therapy. I do not work. The adjuster offered me 500 before I was finished with therapy. I declined I said we can wait until after in finished. After 1 month of therapy, the adjuster offered me $1000. Question should I accept? I'm confused.

  9. Please respond me Iwas involved accident Iam truck driver on other truck hit me broke my wrist put plate my wrist after one year two months they offer me 15 k please give me advice accident happened Orlando Florida please respond me ASAP please I refuse the offer me I sue court