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Don’t Pay Off Your Mortgage – Vancouver Real Estate

I continue to speak to clients who have a primary objective of paying off their mortgage as fast as possible. Many also own their homes free and clear and are sitting on millions of dollars in clear-title equity. I call this “dead equity” because it’s sitting dormant when it could be doing some serious heavy lifting – and generating tens (or even hundreds) of thousands in income every year.

In a market like Vancouver, paying your mortgage makes absolutely zero sense. With mortgage rates as they are, there are far better ways to deploy capital. The wise have been leveraging their equity to buy more assets, writing off the interest, and buying investments that pay them. This could mean building a stock portfolio inside a tax-deferred/tax sheltered account, or investing in a Mortgage Investment Corporation(MIC). Even better, it could be used to purchase investment property.

Eventually interest rates will rise – but only when inflation picks up, and the best hedge against inflation is real estate. This is because land, labour, and materials all increase in an inflationary environment. Inflation hurts you as a consumer – but it helps you as an investor.

Jay Coupar, Realtor

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  1. 2% inflation!!!
    Jay that’s the funniest 😂 thing I heard in a long time
    More like 9%
    But that is nothing to what’s coming
    Interest rates will be in nominal terms negative at the same time inflation rate will be in triple digits

  2. Ellen Dimitriadis

    Jay I so understand where you coming from , however, when you are my age past 66 and retired, that is my extra top up to have the income of those apartments! Our pensions that “We “ accumulated of working 38 years ! And husband 40 ! Wel , it’s slim pickings after you retire even though we had good jobs with good incomes ! So we , just before retirement wanted to make sure that we did not have any mortgages left ! So that our lifestyles would not have to change! And thank goodness we did ! Thanks for your good advice however ! I get it , when you are young you should spread out a bid and get those good tax breaks ! One thing is for sure however , do not think that pensions of your jobs will make your retirement beautiful ! You are the one that has to do the job , so invest , to have the extras after you retire! Simple as that !

  3. Good advice Jay! But having bought at the peak I can attest that leverage doesn’t feel to great when the market goes down. You have to be financially and mentally prepared to wait it out.

  4. here before the haters lol

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