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  1. Andayi Mushenye

    The judge should have a laptop. That is too much work because the ruling will have to be typed all over again and signed by him in order to be distributed to the litigants.

  2. Is he OKAY

  3. Was sent to waste time and money on taxpayers

  4. Wasted full scraps. Why not deliver the verdict

  5. Bizarre and absurd to be locked out of ur motherland

  6. Collins Kibelyon.

    The Doctrine of separation of powers only exists in theory in kenya, thats the sad truth.

  7. Engineering solutions

    How many full scaps does this judge use

  8. Daniel Opiko

    Hehehe Kenyans……. This is purely madness how can somebody stop you from entering your place of birth where placenta was buried waaaaa!!!!!.

  9. Patrick Kitsao

    Can the Kenyan judges be provided with laptops please……This is too much paper waste. Not sustainable at all.

  10. The two young lawyers have all the right to speak and argue their case out without being intimidated by the senior ones. Age is not the issue here, the judge is the ultimate decision maker. Congratulations young lawyers. Court orders too must be respected. Nkt!

  11. samuel kiongo

    Why would u make thousands of people waste a whole 20 minutes watching the last part of this clip?… Think person..bullshit

  12. Perfect Outcome

    Is the judge writing or drawing symbols.His rarely taking a minute with a page.

  13. Paniel Mwaura

    I admire your zeal! But are you sketching or drawing emojis..your lordship?? Mind the papers please!

  14. If the court wants the Attorney generals attention just bar gov't from bringing any cases before the court and dismiss all current pending cases brought after first disobedience of court order that can be reopened if gov't moves to obeying all orders within 36hours failure to which all cases should be completely dismissed as if they never happened. That's if the courts want to be taken seriously. Wakiapisha tunaapisha is the language Uhuru understands. If the judicial must go down..Maraga go down for fighing for the obedience of the rule of law. History will remember you kindly when it is told. Look what swearing in Raila got him. Respect from Uhuru…stop your cowardice judiciary. Grow some balls and bite the gov't hard. Next time as you ban them from bringing any new cases until court order is obeyed and dismissing all former cases after contempt of court judgement…also jail whoever they sent to represent them each time and keep them in jail until the contempt is obeyed. Mbaya iwe mbaya…only way for judiciary to get the attention of 'the person fron above', good or bad but trust me you will have their full attention..maybe alittle more than you may be comfortable with like Miguna. But also with it will come respect from the people and the world. And you will have secured the legacy Uhuru is looking for but never finding.

  15. Its a shame to these country that with all those good brains,we still recycle old octogenarians who have nothing to offer,the current AG is not fit to hold these office,let us give these jobs to Kenyans who deserve these office through merit otiende omollo,mutula kilonzo jnr, James orengo,these are the most suitable candidates for these office,

  16. Alamin Nyakwar Opondo

    Hii kenya kweli watu wamekosa heshima. Makosa heshima hadi kwa mzee kama huyo. Na mnajua tu Miguna ni mkenya washenzii Sana

  17. Prof. Dr. Savai Gukhu

    Hehehehehehe!! This is a very serious judge. He writes his ruling in Court. And delivers the Judgement: INSTANTLY!! Wacha Mcheso!!

  18. What the hell is this guy writting? This thing is simple , the government of Kenya needs to explain why court orders have not been obeyed ? If the the lawyers that have been sent by AG can not explain that, then the AG himself needs to come to court and give explanation .

  19. Is the judge’s way of writing animated by the person who posted this video or what? How do you write like that?

  20. Robert Mwangala

    I was waiting to hear the ruling

  21. robert rotich

    What those old Judges are taking are very true. I keep watching every point they are making.

  22. Victor Keshu

    Kwani judge anaandikia Miguna recommendation letter

  23. Lucy Wanjiru

    WHAT TYPE of proceeding is that and the two are still talking during proceedings

  24. UNEXPERIENCED ni nini?

  25. The PRESIDENT once said they will revisit the court after the court nullified his victory,cant you see thats exactly what hes doing,our president is too revengeful.GOD PROTECT US FROM HIS WRATH

  26. this lady with phone lacks class and decor,what is she doing in there in the first place

  27. Edward Pyeko

    A thousand words per minute and ten words per page !!!!!

  28. peter omwoyo

    miguna is the son of the soil and citizen of kenya

  29. Barasa Titus

    Kenyans leadership must obeyed the low.

  30. james ogallo

    The Attorney general must appear in court as a person,when there were differences over the caretaker president Githu Muigai came out clearly and cleared the air that there is no caretaker president,let not the surbodinate staff mislead the nation.

  31. ENTUGA1 Gich

    The moment AG is gonna appears before court the end game from the Prezzo is over; cause The Judge is gonna issue an order about miguna in front of the AG

  32. Festus Kiprono

    Those two typing and laughing at the background should be declared persona non grata in our courts. Shameful! Texting and laughing like teenagers when serious matters are discussed..Half baked lawyers or are they clerks

  33. Phyl Alias Richie

    I dn't understand the whole chemistry now….b4 he wasn't a Kenyan, now law has ruled he is a Kenyan so y drag, invert upside downside n abuse the law???? Y fear one man miguna????
    [email protected] the nxt Prezzo……

  34. Uhuru was mocking Miguna at Rubia's funeral he was not serious. He cnot live with the fact tha Miguna is more popular than him

  35. Tricks and Bits

    My Lord, you seem mad…hiyo nikuchora ama?

  36. So because these two senior lawyers have practiced law longer than the younger gentlemen does not mean they should intimidate the younger gentlemen. Someone has to start somewhere. In my opinion the younger lawyers are doing just fine.

  37. Empress Nikki

    Who are the two zombies playing with their phones during a court proceeding? No decorum at all

  38. abel Maisiba

    I think this judge is playing comedy 🀣🀣🀣

  39. The sound of that pen can say it all that this judge is very angry at the attorney general and if that pen would talk,it would have Said something big.

  40. Josephat Nyongesa

    This is the only nation where those in authority have no idea. And those with idea have no power long live miguna coz u the only person who can save us

  41. Josephat Nyongesa

    Is it clear that judicial system in this nation should be done βœ… away ? Since those in authorities don’t obey law of the land

  42. Evans Majune

    Ok my learned friends sisemi kitu I will share my judgement soon, but I think we should use the law of common sense to pass the verdict

  43. OMG whatever the judge was writing only heavens know. Wonder if he can even read what he was writing. Needs a lap top. This is more drama than Miguna himself!!!!

  44. Bernard Ogwang

    Wah the judge is showing that writing itself is a skill

  45. Francis Wanjau


  46. sirDeLouize123

    Kenya is in a purgatory state…just like any other sh*th*le country…

  47. Mtu wa watu Hoyee

    I thought this mzee kibaki, but he resampling!.

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