New Drug Dealer Turned Attorney Sworn in by Judge Who Gave Second Chance

Watch the moment this former drug dealer was sworn in as an attorney by the very judge who gave him a second chance back in 2005.
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  1. Okay, I'm definitely showing this to my clients at work (I'm a substance abuse counselor)

  2. therealrobC General of the 501st

    If he were any other race then white he would have been prosecuted to fullest extent and probably end up with a felony that would have ruined his life

  3. Charlotte O'Donnell

    Incredible.. ♥️

  4. Angered Dragon

    Too bad this never happens for black and brown people.

  5. Way to go!

  6. Angela Thompson

    Love it❤

  7. Black people dealing, suffering or dying from drugs; jail or prison, no rehabilitation provided.
    White people dealing or dying from opiods, "oh, we need to find the root of this epidemic and get help for these people."

  8. Fernando Valencia

    Give people second chances man.

  9. AWESOME STORY, he will make a great attorney, he will have more compassion, understanding then most attorneys!

  10. Actually inspiring

  11. Is there any story a second chance given to a colored man, atleast to a teenager? Wow 20 years possible sentence is just gone in the wind. This is called privileges…

  12. Just goes to show what good can be done, and how the community benefits, when people are not put into cages.

  13. BarMayneG R.

    I came here for Judge Joe Mathis

  14. Former criminals & addicts need more opportunities like this. It's hard to relate to someone who's never been there.

  15. Aries by sun virgo by moonlight Libra rise

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! we all are so proud of u !!!!!!!

  16. Best of luck to him 💯👏🏻

  17. Kathryn Harris

    Our God is a God of second chances, and He wants us to see the potential for change and redemption in one another as well, in emulation of His great love for us!!!<3

  18. This is how our world should look like moving forward. Love is the answer

  19. Morgan Rowell

    This goes to show people can make mistakes in their life and should be given a chance to be rehabilitated to come back to society as a better person instead of being perpetually treated as less than human criminal. It's also a very hopeful story.

  20. SweetScience

    How is this a wholesome or just story? If this man was Black or brown he would have had the book thrown at him by that exact same judge without a second glance. This is our justice system working EXACTLY as it was intended to. Shame on NOWTHIS for posting this story.

  21. Why not on the nightly news

  22. This is life here

  23. Oscar Mensah

    Wow this is white the story

  24. True justice, because at the end of the day the ultimate goal was to get a dealer off the streets and exactly that was accomplished.

  25. flowstateofmind

    Meanwhile most received felonies and can't get hired by mcdonalds. Land of the free!

  26. R o x a n n e

    Everyone deserves a 2nd chance if they want to change for the better!!

  27. Anthony Coleman

    What can brown do for you?

  28. Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman

    Drug dealer to attorney …isn't that step down or two?

  29. sophie joseph-brown

    Sometimes that’s all it takes…a second chance. Such a touching story

  30. Gilmore Mccoy

    Only in the US 🇺🇸 and white privilege can make this happen!

  31. David Witherspoon

    He must been paid a lot to give him a pass. How many times have he done it for POC?

  32. So beautiful

  33. So a person in law enforcement gave a white male criminal a "second chance". Um…are we supposed to be surprised or moved by this as if it's uncommon?

  34. Omarr Phillips

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