New DUI Defense Attorney Larry Forman Discusses Attorney-Client Privilege

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  1. Hey Lar…whattyasay if In 5years if we're both not married we have to marry each other? I'm in.

  2. Hey bro this is Fernando moll we e met at the key w hotel on Floridad. Thanks u for give me u YouTube t

  3. I just won my case by checking the judge. With a judicial order.

  4. Teresa Olsen Parker. 6109082225 anytime. This was 2012. Chester county pa. This trial was a lawyers training dream. We had officers on the stand saying they knew me… no mistrial. Playing video from 2 hrs after when I was pissed. Lying on the police report sooo much. I wasn’t in the car either. I got a flat tire and had pulled over. I was at cvs.

  5. Larry, I subscribed because I was in an incredibly controversial dui trial. Pa commonwealth vs Olsen. I would love to discuss this case with you and send you transcripts ect. I think people are siting my case since I didn’t refuse blood test at hospital but officer said in trial I was swearing so he didn’t want me to annoy the hospital and called it a refusal. I was found guilty and enhancement penalty had me doing a year in prison. Appeal found the prosecution never gave the jury the paper showing I never signed. He also never read anything stating he was interrupted. I won after serving 13 months. There is so much more. Purge I have caught the officers w video proof.

  6. Please consider covering the topic of extradition. State to state and/or, more interestingly, internationally 🙂

  7. Make one when I'm not sleeping, I'm in Italy and I can never see you live, I know I'm in the minority bye.

  8. Hi Larry, Thank you posting your video tonight it was very informative. My question is, does attorney/ client privileges apply in Probate court too? What happens when you suspect your attorney has rolled over on you in order to continue a conservatorship case where your attorney is charging the estate their legal fees.
    EX: You have a conversation with your legal counsel and feel good about the direction your case is going. But, as soon as your counsel meets with the opposing counsel the day of the court hearing. They have a discussion in the hallway and then suddenly, things take a turn for the worse. Any advice on this situation?

  9. So does other confidenciality privileges grandfather people into the attorney client privilege? Like if the clergy or spouse is present does the spousal or clergy privilege grandfather of those people into attorney client privilege?