New Elon Musk & Crypto, Buy or Sell Crypto Now, XRP, BTC, ETH, ADA, SOL AMA & More

Lets talk about Elon Musk & crypto, as well as a message I sent him. If you should buy or sell crypto now, XRP, BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA. What cryptocurrency to look out for AMA & More
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00:00 Shoutouts, coffee drinking
3:47 Market manipulation via twitter
5:31 A message to Elon Musk
9:23 Buying or selling crypto right now? A thought process
17:21 Well performance coins
18:48 Google and gas prices
21:32 Music video by Paul D
26:26 El Salvador and Bitcoin
31:56 When did you decide to dollar cost into or out of purchase or sales?
33:52 Smash the like button
35:35 Cumrocket opinion
37:01 opinion on ADA
38:19 When will China unban bitcoin?
39:49 Bitcoin and crypto market in general
41:25 Waiting or day-trading for getting money?
42:18 ADA metric, Solana, Ethereum etc
43:13 Not selling in 250
48:21 Top 20 change
49:43 Electronic wallets recommendation
50:16 Visit
52:05 Elon Musk’s influence decreased?
52:43 Books to be published
57:15 One hit wonder “Back in Athens Bitch”
58:14 500 dollar budget
1:01:03 Transaction too slow to be effective
1:02:02 Laser safer than exchange?
1:04:50 Thoughts on safe moon?
1:06:53 How to swap coins
1:08:01 Does coin price affect during staking?
1:09:22 Will D5 blow up the hardest when getting back on track?
1:10:19 Speculations on where BTC would or would not be?
1:11:28 Death cross gap
1:13:39 ADA value in one year
1:15:20 Any D5 coins blowing up?
1:17:02 Can retail affect BTC price?
1:19:16 Thoughts on engine coin
1:19:46 Crypto channels recommendation
1:20:38 It’ s all Greek to me
1:21:00 Opinion on cosmos
1:23:57 Bitcoin joke
1:25:30 Privacy coins

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