New Elon Musk Is Good for Crypto: Binance.US CEO

Jun.04 — Binance.US Chief Executive Officer Brian Brooks says Elon Musk is good for the crypto space. “Whether he’s pushing markets up or down, that’s probably good in the long term,” Brooks told Sonali Basak.


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    Elon is good for Crypto said NO HODLR ON EARTH. He sells some so Telsa can turn a profit, dumps the meme street investors so he can buy back at his original level's after the "show" of profit.

    Honestly I absolutely understand why he's doing what he's doing, but he's becoming the new John Macafee in Crypto. Just shilling shit after he's bought a bunch of bags…

    It was a far more natural market before he jumped in… All he's doing is putting a giant spotlight on an industry that can free people from central banking and government overreaching…
    I'm not saying you avoid taxes, I'm simply saying if you don't like the idea of a digital currency they can control even when it's "meant to be yours" Crypto (Bitcoin especially) gives an opt out option. And he's making it really easy for the SEC to slap him with not sticking to his fraud plea deal.

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    Elon is an idiot…being a born Billionaire (doesn’t mean your smart Elon) doesn’t mean you know everything. Self made money 💰 is truly who we should be listen too. Not some guy who delegates work to others. Than can take credit for it.

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  18. Elon Musk has 1.5 Billion in Bitcoin… He is now the Ransom Attackers Holy Grail! When Tesla gets Hacked and Shut Down.. he will be crying hard! Saylor too!

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  22. You boss CZ just said it on Twitter that Elon is not funny and

  23. Stocks for the next 5 years: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix. Disney and Wells Fargo for the recovery_.;;;;;;;;;;;;

  24. ponzi scheme

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