New Elon Musk’s Power Over Crypto, Explained | WSJ

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Elon Musk’s comments on assets like bitcoin and dogecoin have helped send prices sky high – and crashing down – over the past year. WSJ explains Musk’s influence on cryptocurrency investors, and why some experts think the ‘Dogefather’ is taking investors for a ride. Photo illustration: Liz Ornitz

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  3. Crypto holds value as a form of good money that is superior to any previously discovered or developed form of money

  4. You all know that stock is not stable now and it at risk, investing in crypto(Bitcoin, ether etc) is the best now because with the right broker you can invest and make lots of profits

  5. this guy's actions with crypto is the equivalent of I'll pump up your tires on your car this week and next month I'll let the air out of them!🤯

  6. don't think investing in this economic crisis is really a bad idea anyway, it can be in form of Gold, Stock, Crypto, Forex commodities etc. It should be in every individual's list right now.

  7. I love the fact you specified that this is not a get rich fast scheme. I don't know who needs to hear this, Investment is a life saver so try investing more. Imagine the world without investments, financial freedom won't be guaranteed.

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  10. So, blame it on one guy for his tweets and not on big institutions that are manipulating the crypto market behind the scenes? Honestly, really bad video

  11. In few months or no time people will definitely start kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.

  12. Elon Musk poisoned the Crypto well that water is tainted it's ruined investing in it now can only damage your wallet.

  13. All of you thought that he was a good person. No, he is smart and he knows what he is doing and that the world is just a playground full of dumb people

  14. Investors can rely on technical analysis when no fundamentals exist, such here. Never fails, trust a brilliant analyst such as me. I can assure you that I never fail. The fault here is that investors dont realise that they should get out of market safeguarding profits, as per analysis recomendations, then enter market again as per analysis. Bitcoin is a vehicle for profit, trading instruments. Glad to hear your opinion One might never know had ELON might say, or in case of any event, but you can know with certainty the depth of correction. Hence can profit from either going short or long

  15. Crypto’s have always moved around hype’s, Elon is just the hype king. People who think that crypto’s are a serious investment are gravely mistaken.

  16. So a few hundred idiots panic sold cause of a tweet and another few thousand idiots followed… Bitcoin investors really wanna push that narrative over just admitting there's clear market manipulation? Wow ok…

  17. It’s extremely hard to believe how hundreds of thousands of people risk (not trade, but risk) their money just because someone says this o that. Is ridiculous.

  18. respect elon when he focus on spacex and tesla,but when he start play crypto,hasta lavista baby.
    real businessman will not touch digital currency,it made for speculator,money laundering,and capital flight.
    crypto=digital no intrinsic value currency.

  19. Bitcoin is the future invest in Bitcoin now with a professional broker and see your life change financially

  20. Elon: crashes crypto market
    Elon loses supporters
    Elon: Why tho? 🙁
    Elons (former) supporters: You told us to invest, and then you scammed us out of all our money. We're selling our investments in Tesla
    Elon: realising what is about to happen WAIT, NO-
    Tesla loses half of its value in stock

  21. Do y’all seriously believe Elon’s tweet is the only reason for the crypto price fall? There’s a reason why there’s few wsj views in YouTube 🤦🏼‍♂️

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  23. elon is chutiya to be honest bhai he is big idiot voh sirf price giraa rha hai yaar usko hacker logo sei bhi dhamki mili hai sala.samatha ni hai voh aam admi ka dushman