New Ending 'Remain in Mexico' is incredibly dangerous: WV attorney general

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Patrick Morrisey, the West Virginia attorney General, warns of a ‘surge of epic proportions’ if the Biden administration ends the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy.

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  1. Who cares about the hillbilly filth in wv. Lowest birthrates, highest opioid deaths. Nothing but a dying shith*le.

  2. The current administration only cares that they get more people across the border and increase the "liberal" vote base. That is all that the border means to them.

  3. This is all an incredible joke
    And embarrassment, we witnessing the fall of America 🇺🇸 as we know it.
    Evil prevails when good men do nothing – wisdom

  4. Harris goes to Guatemala like. Here's some money for some future voters…

  5. the only one scared of the spending are the ones who will be taxed for it!!:-)

  6. Good riddance to the Keystone XL pipeline, and kudos to the Native Americans and environmental activists who fought against it.

  7. App back doors.

    FBI behind the spying app. CIA were too busy drug dealing with Afghanistan and Mexico.

  8. The reality of it is that we need to prioritise what's happening at the border and we have to prioritise why people are going to the border.

    I think it's short sighted for any of us that are in the business of problem solving to suggest we're only going to respond to the reaction

    rather than addressing the cause. – K.Harris

  9. Biden spend War money on collaboration and cooperation between US, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Congratulations Kamala.

    Biden and Deb Haaland should set up trade and tourism routes. Border tents aren't as bad as LA's skid row.

    No forced sterilisations since Traitor Trump's landslide loss to Biden. Kamala visited Mexico and Guatemala; did Traitor Trump?

    Follow China's Poverty Alleviation 5 pronged strategy: develop local industry, relocate, ecological restoration, education and social security.

  10. Every illegal that pours over the boarder is a future Democrat voter. We're being invaded, and doing nothing about it. I miss you America.

  11. Do not expect Kamala Harris to do anything that will not benefit Kamala Harris!

  12. Ending this trump policy is the dumbest move ever 🤬🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. If is dangerous to wait in Mexico tell them to stay in their country, none of these people qualify for political asylum, nobody is persecuting them, THEY ARE ALL ECONOMIC IMMIGRANTS. Period

  14. You imbeciles were warned about this dysfunctional and cancerous regime, but noooo

  15. This regime can say all they want that they care but their actions speak volumes that they just dont give a 💩

  16. How about people who are using the drugs? If no buyers then no sellers… we should increase awareness of drugs damages more than usual… think about our youth !

  17. The American PRESIDENT and vice president who are supposed to protect AMERICA and American CITIZENS have did the exact opposite and for this they should be IMPEACHED

  18. Has anyone in administration ever considered what would happen if they did stop the drug flow. There would be alot of crazy people in this country if they did that. OR. Did they already consider that.? And maybe they are actually creating the drug problem in this country????

  19. Attorney General Morrisey shouldn't worry about the border when he is thousands of miles away from it. And the only opioid crisis he should worry about is in his own state. Those opioids didn't come from Mexico they came from the people of his state.

  20. This is what the biden's administration want–dems how Low can you go???