New Ep. 628: Greatest Human Rights Lawyer Geoffrey Robertson on Censorship, WikiLeaks & Brazil’s Lula

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In this episode, we talk to one of the world’s greatest human rights lawyers, Geoffrey Robertson about speaking out against legal aid cuts as well as censorship, General Pinochet and defending the likes of Wikileaks, Brazil’s Lula and the IRA.

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  1. What's all that BS got to do with working for the CIA? What a piece of work!!

  2. Robertson and his criminal buddy Bill Browder are having another go at trying to poison the Australian legal system, with the abusive Magnitsky Act, showing his rank hypocrisy complaining about lack of due process for Lula, when Browder gave no-one due process, sanctioning innocent Russians to save his own slimy skin from a Russia prison on tax evasion and securities fraud.

  3. A good guy Geoffrey Robertson lets hope he can help Corbyn free Assange if he becomes the next PM.

  4. Free Julian Assange! Shame on you Australia for abandoning, one of your citizens!

  5. Robertson is just another globalist shill – he helped the con-artist criminal Bill Browder to "convince" local "Human Rights" lawyers to lobby the Australian government to pass Browder's BS Magnitsky Act, but luckily Deputy PM Julie Bishop told Browder to take a hike. This Champion of "human rights" supports a law, which allows any State to steal assets, ban travel, name as a criminal – ANYONE that they wish in another country, no trial, no due process, never convicted of anything – even just Browder's word-in the case of the Russian prosecutors who busted him for tax-evasion – this hypocrite supports such gross extra-judicial abuse? He supports this crook?

  6. As soon as he gave "plausibility" to the "Skripal Affair" he lost credibility for me.

  7. Apart from being the best political magazine on UK tv, GOINGUNDERGROUD is becoming also a valuable forum for very interesting new artists. Well done.