New Ethereum 2.0 will be delayed, BTC bull run, & crypto news! // Crypto Over Coffee ep 40

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In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi breaks down why Ethereum 2.0 is not looking likely to launch in December 1st and how Ethereum can solve the slow deposit problem, along with talk about Bitcoin’s (BTC) price surge recently and what it might mean for a crypto bull run.

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Ripple’s Environment Impact Posture –

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0:00 Welcome!
0:55 Question 1
2:43 Question 2
4:56 Question 3
6:28 Question 4


8:55 Giveaway! Cobo Tablet Plus and BTC

9:45 Bitcoin bull run? Maybe?

13:02 404 Logic Not Found” The Bitcoin Climate Change Argument

β€” Ethereum 2.0 Special β€”

17:26 Ethereum 2.0 will not launch in December (probably)

19:07 This is WHY the Ethereum 2.0 deposits are lagging

20:09 How can Ethereum solve this problem?

21:01 One solution could be Liquid Stake

22:25 Another solution is partial staking or pooling

β€” end of Ethereum 2.0 Special β€”

23:16 KuCoin’s hack has a (kinda) happy ending

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  1. πŸ’ŽHEY YOU! Remember, all you have to do is comment on this video to be entered to win a Cobo Tablet Plus AND BTC! πŸ˜‰ good luck. Cheers! thanks for watching. Timestamps are in the description.

  2. successful bitcoin transferred without no error dealing with zarduscyber on instagram…

  3. So Self Key or another Private Key is a self sovereignty identity platform. Is that also what Ledger Nano does?

  4. Q: 1
    So in conversions or sending crypto, you need to verify aka KYC which is a process of security checks but this is antiquated and is controversial? Am I missing anything?

  5. Do you know the murphy law that what i think about eth 2.0 but i never said it wont work ✌️

  6. wait, people think bitcoin is bad for climate change?


    like whining about that while big coal and oil is under the table backing trump LMAO

  7. As an "old" man just want to thank you for your videos. I really only began digging into blockchain this summer after a conversation in my weekly zoom meeting "Sunday Cigar Savants" about blockchain. I am most interested in blockchain for public health as I see a tremendous amount of growth and positive health benefits for humanity in general using blockchain based apps. Are there folks developing blockchain public health apps? I am interested in getting involved in some way in that type of development.

    Also, I want to be entered in the drawing….lol.

    Thanks again for creating this space.

  8. Thanks for more great content. Interested to see how(and when) the Eth 2.0 launch goes.

  9. you are the best thanks for providing fair updates instead of all the eth moon shillings vids that 2.0 will solve everything and is around the corner

  10. Hey Hash, you keep mentioning to remove our crypto from exchanges but where might be the best place to store Energy Web Token?
    It’s not to popular so I’ve found that the wallet I have doesn’t seem to store it. And also what do you think of Energy Web Token?