New Every Dragon Ball FighterZ Combo Drop = $1000+ donated to #TeamTrees

Every drop we donate 100 dollars to TeamTrees! This time in our high rank dragonball fighterz online matches we are fighting for earth and putting every drop to good use. Join the team of Bardock, ssj goku, and yamcha as we fight high rank opponents!

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High rank dragonball fighterz and high rank dbfz commentary!

#Dragonball #Dbfz #TeamTrees


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  1. Consider dropping in a dollar of your own! :

    (Also dont worry about my wallet, every video for the past couple of weeks is paying for this so really you all made this possible! Thank you!)

  2. I could donate 1 cent every time I drop a combo and still get bankrupt

  3. We all know dotto only lost for the trees. He did it for the trees guys.

  4. TTV_skullsniper

    Should've also been 100$ for every failed "try something"

  5. AggressiveOtaku

    This was indeed the first video I watched of yours, very pog

  6. gamerchefstinger

    Nice Doto

  7. honestly surprised he didn't either a. drop all his combos or b. drop none of his combos

  8. Tenack the Forgetful

    Doto: Every drop is $100

    Title: $1000

    Me: ???

  9. Dominique J. Anderson

  10. Dominique J. Anderson


  11. P3rsephoneCH

    Thank you for promoting team trees.

  12. Mike Midoshi


  13. How does he have so much money?

  14. illusion Master

    6:37 He sounds like Goofy

  15. 16: For da Birds

  16. Mad props for intentionally going for harder combos while doing this.

  17. Great person❤️

  18. Daniel Moran

    You're a good fella, Doto.

  19. Why do i think mr beast will try to compete with this

  20. Why do i think mr beast will try to compete with this

  21. Rui Carvalho

    Looks like Doto's wallet made 31 youtube accounts to dislike this. I wonder when it will stop until it's satisfied.

  22. Congrats you've helped more than most celebs/ large corporations


    Wanna beat Dotodoya?

  24. 15:15 I SWEAR his leg went through Goku

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