New "Everyone Can be Rich in Crypto; There are No Divine Rights:" Terry Crews

In this week’s episode, I speak with Terry Crews, a legit star. He was a professional football player, has starred in multiple Hollywood films and currently leads in TV shows including America’s Got Talent. He is also a cryptocurrency enthusiast, minting his own social token called POWER.

Terry has a very powerful story on how he got into crypto. It was at a design show in Milan. He wanted to support his friend at the show, but wasn’t able to withdraw money from his own American Express account. He realized a financial system that’s based on trusting a long line of intermediaries is broken. He thought, even when he did everything right, and he was already wealthy and famous, he still got the door shut in his face —so what’s left for the rest? He thought back to the families who were crushed under debt from loan sharks in the neighborhood he grew up in. He watched what happened with Gamestop earlier this year.

All of that cemented his view that the financial system should be permissionless, transparent and global. He believes creators and personalities with a following like himself stand to benefit from this new system by bypassing old gatekeepers and reaching their audiences directly.

He is exploring this concept by creating his own social token. POWER brings together a group of investors who will support artists. Eventually, when the group has collected a valuable portfolio, he plans to make the POWER token tradable. But he’s not in a hurry. He said, to him, “this thing is for life.”

00:00 Intro
01:05 How Terry Crews got interested in crypto
14:17 Next steps/ideas after learning about crypto
17:20 Thoughts on the Gamestop/Robinhood situation and the need it shows for what crypto has to offer
20:02 Crypto scams vs traditional finance scams
22:45 Background and functionality of the POWER token
27:48 How the POWER token was distributed
31:52 Is POWER a DAO?
33:25 Can POWER be purchased on Uniswap? (whats the plan for the liquidity of the POWER token)
35:42 Summary of the direction of the POWER token
36:31 Benefit of POWER illiquidity and Terrys approach to projects, jobs, and art
42:04 Background on Roll and the Roll hack
43:40 Advice for those thinking of creating a social token and discussion on the benefits of decentralization for artists (actors, musicians, etc)
51:35 Thoughts on the entrenched idea of divine rights throughout the world and how crypto breaks that down
54:31 Thoughts on the “Wait for it” video and closing summary

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  1. Wait.. He believes in the tech but ripple and xrp are like 1000x better than ETH technologically, faster, cheaper, better for the environment yet he doesn't know about this?? I think not. These people are cowards.. Fame an fortune but still to scared to talk the truth cuz the government might take tgeir wealth and fame away… MAN UP TERRY!!!


    Future of music? > AUDIO ( Audius)
    By the way, I love this interview 😎🙏🌋🌋🌋
    Great guy, great podcaster 💪

  3. Harley Marshall

    pretty sure terry crews has got some cardano

  4. Soul Kadence

    Totally not a cash grab, but most definitely a power grab – hence the name of the token – it’s quite fitting. The IP ownership will not reside exclusively with the artist. The artist agrees to give away the true value of his creation & IP, in exchange for some temporal fractional ownership interest…

    But wait, it gets better! If an outside entity offers enough to “benefit everyone in the community,” the rights and ownership to the artist’s creative work(s) & IP can be sold to the highest bidder, thereby temporarily creating liquidity for the community to do as they deem appropriate with the proceeds…

    This is not true decentralization or ownership. It operates on a permissioned ledger. The governance is centralized into the hands of some conglomerate entity…This does not eliminate the middle man or remove barriers for true creative, artistic expression & ownership. Literally the devil in a new dress…
    Be Blessed ♥️

  5. Andrew Hatley

    Sounds like China's socal credit system is.

  6. Terry Crews believes in Crypto AND gate keeping his Discord.

  7. sandrstudios

    Social currency sound like a fork of the digital yuan. That said, great interview 🙂

  8. Kawika Kahiapo

    Terry! You are the man! Turn your artwork in to NFTs!

  9. $BRAWNDO it's what plants crave

  10. I love Terry Crews. Such an inspiration in my life. I didn’t know he was a crypto advocate!

  11. Gregg Trainer

    Nice interview but this guy is a professional victim.

  12. Noach Newman

    Ma dude you need to find yourself a better interviewer

  13. Doctor Strange

    Much respect for Mr. Crews!!!

  14. theurbanmusicologist

    Terry …. MAXIMUM respect. Understands the sufferer.

  15. Stefan Aivazov

    Respect !

  16. Wow it has been very nice ever season I started trading with Mr, Timothy's strategies on,bit coin,forex trading, binary, crypto currency, block chain and others.hurry up and give him a try and see🤔🙄🌟🍍

  17. Demian Figueroa

    that's my president Camacho

  18. Michael Benzaken

    Despite the assertions of systemic discrimination today in the US based on race and gender, there is absolutely systemic discrimination based on one's political orientation and speech. I've always lead a relatively honest and authentic life, law abiding and the rest. Over the last 2 mo, Paypal kicked me off their platform and bc they are an affiliate of Chase where I had a near perfect standing over nearly a decade and built up 95% of my credit, Chase removed me without notice, destroyed my credit, and why? BC Paypal without expressed cause removed me for, what I believe, is having purchased cryptocurrency. They are trying to hold onto control and are using their affiliate network, referencing what one institution has decided to do (without cause) to erase you from having access to opportunities available only to those they get to prefer. Everyone who wishes to remain sovereign and have equal opportunity, permissionless networks is the historic means with which we can remain free, unbiased access to our OWN resources, regardless of your political orientation, speech, and any other freedom their decide to urn against. BTC is THE hedge against government + corporatist tyranny. Had this tech existed 50 years ago, my family wouldn't have been forced to forfeit 3 generations of wealth in exchange for their life while they were kicked out of Egypt for being Jews. They lost everything, they rebuilt in America, and God Bless our country allowed them to actualize and succeed. I'm all in on Digital Assets, even if the price point drops by 50% in the short term, I'll leverage to avoid a taxable event and use fiat at 8% interest to pay down my living expenses. In 3-5 years, one's holdings can sustain them despite perhaps a failing global economy and hyperinflation, the state and access to the employment market, and a discriminatory governmental body simply through staking in DeFi. This will erode the power of the gatekeepers and give it back to We the People. Everyone who ever experienced meaningless suffering because an institution wants to exploit you and use your own property to share YOUR behavior and freedom. Digital Assets + Blockchain = Freedom. BTC/ETH/ADA/SOL/DOT layer 1s and some others, are the 21st century economies, on top with which will emerge exponential innovation and solutions to problems (i.e. curing cancer) within Dapps organized to incentive the behaviors needed to fund innovation and establish trust. Keep up the good work, everyone. Don't let yourself be controlled… it's now in your hands. The next move is on you.

  19. Terry is such a awesome guy so smart and I was touched by the story of how he got into crypto

  20. The FIZZIOLOGIE Network

    Thank you Terry! Yes! This is a spiritual revolution. I’m a single mom of three. I have had terrible credit since I my daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury and I had to stop working for a few months. DeFi is a way for me to prove, borrow and build without the gatekeeping.

  21. Terry baby needs to learn about $LUNA and Mirror Protocol trading assets/stocks anywhere in the world without getting stopped out like with game stop! Keep killing it boss

  22. Great interview ! great interviewer !

  23. I'm sure it wasn't about his color. It's about taxes and limitations for that local bank/exchange which was about to deliver the money to him. Usually you withdraw small amounts of money and this wasn't the case so. Next time get your cash and declare it at customs once you get to any other country as the rest os people. Bad thing they did not clarify that with Terry. That's rude imo.

  24. Mind Control

    We bring the value.

  25. CEAGLEoneISM


  26. Be awesome if you would review Zilliqa, there's so much going on; Zilswap, NFT just out today, Poly Network coming, XAcademy just out, Mintable, Package Portal, Unstoppable Domains… built on zil

  27. What a great interview, this is awesome!

  28. Nice story Mr. Crews. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

  29. Slickenz Mcglickenz

    Good lord let the man talk without interrupting

  30. Nicolás López

    Great interview!

  31. When I saw the title I was laughing, what can an actor/football star say about DeFi was my thinking, but I was so so wrong, this is an excellent interview. The story Terry tells and the points he makes are so poignant and important, everyone should watch this.

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