New Fair Taxes/Violence in Gaza

Ralph welcomes former IRS commissioner, John Koskinen, to tell us what must be done to create a fairer tax system. And Professor Rashid Khalidi joins us to break down the latest violent escalation in Gaza. Plus, Ralph has some choice words about Apple’s latest record earnings.


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  1. WhenRalph is on any shoe you an bet it' s fabulous show. Ralph is awesome

  2. Bitsof Bytes

    ?!! socialism ok.. but rest 😮

  3. Leticia Cortez

    What is going on in Gaza is beyond Gaza is beyond violence. It is APARTHEID.

  4. Leticia Cortez

    Our taxes are paying for this war against the Palestinian People. Cut the $$$ we give to the apartheid state of Israel.

  5. Patti RockGarden

    As always, Ralph & his guests have a very good handle on the subjects discussed.

  6. Tax cuts, underfunding, govt employee cut backs are the demands of the Establishment, not the govt.

  7. Gary Esposito

    When will someone come out and call the GOP the traitors that they are. P.S. MSM perspectives regarding Israel is a consequence of the effectiveness of AIPAC and deluded Evangelicals.

  8. Falsificationism

    Really disappointed in the framing on debt/taxes. Please have an MMT economist like Fadhel Kaboub or Stephanie Kelton on in the future. I know #MMT doesn't directly affect acute budgeting decisions, but the framing of debt/deficits being a pressing issue for our children/grandchildren limits our thinking.

    The CURRENT problems are far too pressing for us to worry about how many dollars are moving from one pocket to the other. That said, we MUST audit the billionaires and increase wealth taxes dramatically. But not because we need to 'raise' cash to fund programs.

  9. Minnie Wipster

    AND the working class (of all stripes) that makes up most of the population of the United States has absolutely no control over what this nation's (corporate- bought) government does. Please differentiate between those with control and those without. It's obvious that there is a class war going on in this country and not to acknowledge this is to support its continuance and the dominance of the wealthy.

  10. Minnie Wipster

    It's not that the people in Congress who support Israel because they are older, it's because they are wealthy. Follow the money!

  11. Walter Shink

    Truly one of your most enjoyable shows.
    Peace and solidarity!

  12. Excellent interviews. As usual, always learn more from Ralph than any MSM outlet…

  13. Isn't Israel just a back door to the longed-for war on Iran?

  14. Neo Sannyasin

    Thank you, Ralph, for speaking up for Palestinians.

  15. Neo Sannyasin

    Thank you, Ralph, for seatbelts. I use them everytime I drive. You're a legend.

  16. Neo Sannyasin

    Wouldn't mind paying taxes at all, would love to pay taxes if my money went towards building schools, hospitals, universities, roads, bridges, railways, infrastructure and so forth. However, the problem is that the money doesn't go there. USA, for example, has an infrastructure that gets a grade of D minus. The money instead goes towards things such as suffocating George Floyd by putting a knee on his neck for nine minutes while he is calling out to his mother, white phosphorus weapons that melt the skin and flesh all the way to the bone of Palestinian children in Gaza and so forth. Therein lies the problem with paying taxes.

    If tax money went towards building schools, hospitals and infrastructure, I would have absolutely no problem with it. I'd be like, hey, here, take some more.

  17. The Ruling Class Strategy of Divide and Conquer

    The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement needs to be our primary method as citizens of the west to counteract the genocidal policies by the apartheid state of lsrael.

  18. Pelly Thirteen

    Unless Israel stops their expansion into the Gaza it will face a grim scenario.
    There will come a time in this century were either there is no longer a need for oil or the Middle East runs out of it.
    When that happens , the US will call back all it's troops ( and nukes?) and Israel is left without defense.
    Then they will find themselves surrounded by very angry countries wanting revenge. Then , after Israel fired its
    last nuke , it will be invaded by all its neighbors and they will make sure that Israel will be called Palestine again.
    So Israel , so USA . What are you going to do ?

  19. Pelly Thirteen

    We used to sympathise with the Jewish people for what the Nazis did to them.
    That was 80-years ago and now it is the 2020-ies and we should sympathise with the Palestinean people for
    what the Jews do to them. A total roll-reversion. The US does not speak out on what happens in Gaza.
    The only reason the US has been supporting Israel no matter what they do is : They a close to the Iraq oil fields
    and Israel provides the US with a close by military base in return for some nuclear defense (?).

  20. Paul Whetstone

    Did I miss something in this pod cast about fair taxation? I thought Ralph or his guest would say something like “Nothing will fundamentally change until billionaires are taxed into millionaires, maximum wage is set to $12 million/year and the Pentagon is defunded.”

  21. public domain

    Don't let rabid dogs lie. Zionist desires are tantamount to extinction of Human spirit. ShakeUp!

  22. Diane Schrum

    How do we get knowledge of all these bills in congress/senate⁉️

  23. Diane Schrum

    Yes‼️ Isreal IS A BULLY……More of a new Nazi regime in the middle east. US needs to stop the $$$$$$ supporting them💥
    Contact your Representatives💯👌👏

  24. We must tax porn and violence content and junk food! Tax what we don't want and incentive what we want!!!

  25. Show us the documentation of the proof please.

  26. This would be a boring political topic but this was actually really interesting!

  27. Most people take the standard deduction nowadays because of the tax laws changes which makes itemizing almost impossible without a sure fire audit.

  28. For the algo. Thoroughly enjoy what you've got to say.

  29. Cameron Lowes

    wow-ralph, at about 34:00– nice, tidy summation of a situation obfuscated beyond words…kudos..( and yes, "everyone, (the Senate, Congress and President), are complicit in what amounts to war crimes..and they all know it. )

  30. Charles Kesner

    Wonderful show. Thanks.

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