New Family Law attorney discusses Maya Millete family court petition

San Diego family law attorney, Anton Georghiou, talks about the family court petition filed on May 27 by Maya Millete’s parents, in an effort to gain a court order to visit their three grandchildren. Attorney Georghiou reviewed the petition, but he is not involved in the case. Petition is posted here:


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  1. Triana Foxwood

    Why isn't there a court order to have the kids interviewed?

  2. Triana Foxwood

    Scary Larry! You're Not going to get away with it. Everyone is talking about you. Everyone knows what you did.

  3. James Charles I

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  4. Diane Dickerson

    The grandparents should be allotted over nights alternating weekends for sure seeing as the circumstances and I highly doubt the grandparents would be that immature yo talk to children at all about Larry having hurt her or kill her however should the children mainly the eldest offer information to the grandparents then it should be told to authorities visitation could be supervised

  5. Grandparents should have access.

  6. His attorney wants to say that he hasn't been to any of the searches because he's been acting as a single parent. Pfft. His parents are ALWAYS watching his kids now.

    Bitch please 🤨


  7. scary larry

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