New Feds Demand Answers About $3 5 Million In Donations To Marjorie Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene has some explaining to do, according to the Federal Elections Commission. They are seeking answers regarding $3.5 million in unitemized donations that Greene has received this year, just as a precautionary measure to make sure there aren’t unreported donations. It would take over 17,000 small donors to hit that amount, and given the fact that Greene is actually losing money on her current tour, that many donors seems like a stretch. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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The federal election commission sent a notice to Marjorie Taylor Green’s husband this week, who happens to be serving as a one of the treasurers, I guess, for her campaign. And, uh,

They want to know why

Exactly she raised three and a half million dollars, but didn’t itemize any of those donations.

Now, before we go any further,

Let me explain here, raising three and a half million dollars for a politician is not a problem. Raising three and a half million dollars in an itemized donations is not a problem.

So long as a whole of those

Donations were under $200, meaning anything, $199 and 99 cents. And below you do not have to itemize and you do not have to list the names of the donor. So the FEC right now is simply trying to make sure that three and a half million dollars raised by Marjorie Taylor green this year is legit. And that every penny of it came from small donors who gave $199 and 99 cents

Or less.

Now here’s the issue though, in order for this to be accurate, she would have had to have gotten three and a half million dollars from at least 17,630 different individuals giving hundred $99 and 99 cents. So more realistically we’re talking well over 17,000 different donors giving her this money again, totally not out of the realm of possibility, but there’s a couple things to keep in mind here. Yes. Marjorie Taylor green did see a huge spike in donations earlier this year. Right? Once she got kicked off, her committees used all that negative publicity turned it into a fundraising scheme. She raised a lot of money from it, but she didn’t raise three and a half million dollars from it. And then of course, we also know that she’s currently, you know, off and on again, I guess on her tour, around the country with Matt gates, where they’re not raising enough money to actually even pay for the tour.

So whatever

It is, she’s selling out there to the public, isn’t resonating with the people she’s talking to because it’s not transforming into donations.

So yeah, I

Guess when you look at it that way, it, it, it does seem a little fishy, doesn’t it?

So what could be the case?

And this is pure speculation until we get answers. Obviously we don’t know for sure. Uh, but this money could have come, you know, from corporate donors from big time donors, whoever they are giving more than 200 bucks a pop, in which case, all she’s going to have to do is file an amended thing as they so often do and say, oh, okay, sorry. Yeah. I forgot to mention so-and-so gave me 5,000, whatever, here’s the problem I have with all of this. And again, it’s incredibly likely, and the most likely scenario is that this all did come from small donors. So don’t get me wrong about that. This probably all came from all donors

Problem is

We have seen too many politicians just in the last month, get

Popped in the media for us screwing up there,

Financial disclosure forms. And then rather than being punished for it rather than being investigated, all they get to do is okay, well, you just amend this here and here you go, I’m done whatever. No, you screwed up. See, here’s the thing. If I screw up on my taxes and I file that with the federal government, much like they have to do with their campaign financial disclosures. If I mess up on my form, the IRS, doesn’t come back to me and say, oh, Hey, this is probably nothing. Could you just fix this and just send it back to us? Cool. Thanks. You’re great.

No, they’ll conduct an audit. I have

To pay fines and fees for filling out the form wrong for paying late, whatever it is for not disclosing certain income. You can get in a hell of a lot of trouble when we fill out what it mounts to. Basically our financial disclosure forms every year. If you do something wrong, you don’t get a Mulligan on it. You don’t get to just say, oops, totally forgot all this money. Like,

You know, Lauren did. And Matt gates did we, you don’t get that same

Opportunity that these individuals who should be held to a higher standard than you and me,

We don’t get that. And again,


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  1. Shawn Graham

    Another oops, I thought I put that own there. My bad. I will just put it next time. (Government & Feds, ok don’t forget or we will just have to let you get away with it again)

  2. Serhan Saritas

    Its niot that difficult……all this guys dont fill out their forms themselfes…..allways using companies….!
    So, even this tax professionals are not trying to cheat for their clients, they should be accountable… lawyers, medicins, police officers, nurses etc. etc……when they dont do their jobs right and in the way the law demands…..
    Took the licences of this tax professionals for doing their job wrong , even its not to prove its on purpose…..after 2-3 years tax forms will be correct…at least better than actually…..

  3. Marsellus Wallace

    To be more accurate, you get into trouble with the IRS if you are trying to be deceptive. You may pay late fees and minor fines. But this is not fraud. That will get you major jail time. Watch Alan Weisslberg case. Jail and massive penalties. He should have known.

  4. Cliff Roebuck

    Maybe she's selling $150.00 crazy pills to people.


  6. LOL, there you have it, now you all tell me if politicians really give a fok about you or anyone else!

  7. John Szczybor

    It probably came from the minions that follow Trump and the rest of the morons that lie about everything from the pandemic to the election and the insurrection

  8. Stephen Samuel

    No. I would argue it the other way with the addition of one word:
    MTG is too toxic for big donors to … publicly shower her with cash.

  9. The fact she raised more than $1.oo is appalling

  10. Karen's Gummer

    Lock her up! (In a padded cell)

  11. Dtill5725 Colorado

    I would be interested to know which corporations even gave her money. If it came from corporations, I will boycott or cease doing business with any that I might have been dealing with. I don’t reward racists.

  12. Mark my words…Nothing will ever come of this, unfortunately.

  13. We sure have lots of stupid people in this country giving away money to more stupid people.

  14. She needs to go to jail if it was a high profile democratic they would have to resign and go to jail

  15. It's amazing that the people that have their gums FLAPPING!!! Their the ones who feel they can't be touched!!

  16. suburbanview

    My estate tax office dont forget that I owed them $500, they tell me that now I need to pay interest on it. $500!

  17. Jeff Langmeyer

    The old saying hmm?

  18. Wait! Someone actually married her?

  19. Jusn Gonzales

    Big corps.give huge donations to crooked Republican politicians in exchange for tax cuts, and political favors, while the poor working class gets stuck with having to pay higher taxes. Boy! Ain't America great?!And Republicans want to make it even GREATER! DANG COOKS!

  20. Every misappropriated or misspent dollar is a dollar that does not help to get a Republican elected. That works for me!

  21. Fernando Garajalde

    Looks like we’re gonna need a new holding facility just for corrupt politicians 🤬 awaiting Federal trial. (Too bad we can’t just send them to Guantanamo Bay) 😆

  22. Maureen Lanza

    Put her in Jail. ..she's a misfit

  23. Corps don't like her if she is getting any big money it would be from people like David Duke and Richard Spencer

  24. This is what she got into this $hit for. She doesn't give two f*cks about helping people

  25. Louisiana Music Videos

    Are fines tax deductible?

  26. Omg, just put her green slime ass in prison

  27. Glen Bolderson

    …and the 20 $ billion extra for the Pentagon this year? Farron Balanced doesn't give a s**t…its not about Trump.

  28. erin crossley

    America’s Trash Bill is what that is! 🤣

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