New Financing & Refinancing Real Estate in Canada | Second Mortgage, Helocs & Private Financing

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One of the biggest struggles for us as real estate investors is getting clarity in regards to the lending process, the refinancing process and then aspects like 2nd …


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  1. Do you have any videos of getting money for down payments? I’d like to buy a 12 unit. But hard to come up with say 200g. Any advice on how you would go about it?

  2. Your channel is my favorite on YouTube. You bring high quality information consistently. I love the details and numbers. I've learned so much

  3. Very good information. I am trying to get a HELOC on my primary residence equity and have some doubts regarding the same. What is the best way to reach out to you? Thanks

  4. Awesome vid! I haven't lived at home in Canada for nearly 8 years and am planning to move back next year with the intention of getting into property investment. This video was the first step of getting me back up up to speed on the Canadian mortgage process.

  5. Hey bro great info.. I need info on buying my first home and then how do I move into real estate investing.. I don't have a partner and just earning myself

  6. This is the kind of material that makes your channel stand out. Made it to the end

  7. Made it to the end! Great knowledge bombs in this. Appreciated the lesson of B lender 2nd position vs. private lender